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Club Mixed:

Club Mixed: The Clean Plate Club

The Clean Plate Club

The Clean Plate Club
Lily Avery
Greg Barkes
Sean "Boy" Boy
Elizabeth Culatta
Heather Damnright
Chris "I cheat at Flutterguts' DeCamp
Ally Donlan
Racheal Grillo
Robert Hot Shades
Mike Hurd
Heather Irwin
Hugh Lipham
Thomas MaC
Dan Manget
Kate Meiners
Travis Mo
Kelly Moss
Jesse "Joates" Oates
Cameron Olenik
Jesse Phillips
Danny Powell
Jenna Schrieber
Stephanie Soule
Andy "stache" Spencer
Cutter Tomlin
Johanna Watson
Dumptruck Whitton
Team Information
Team-Name:The Clean Plate Club
City:Ashevegas, NC, NC
Contact:Sean Boy -
Comments:Leave No Trace - Clean That Plate!! Let me know if your interested in playing with our fun bunch of plate-cleaners, no need to live in Asheville!
Last Modified:June 7, 2008
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Results & Schedule
May 10Southside United11-13
May 24Dumpsterfire11-12
July 6Cruella de Ville15-6
July 12TAU7-17
July 12Durhammer5-17
July 12Boone! ShakaLaka17-14
HoDown 12
August 9Boone! ShakaLaka13-10
August 9Deliverance2-11
August 9Old Blue11-8
August 9BLUD10-12
August 9Chillbillys11-4
August 10Hot SAUCE12-13
August 10Gender Across12-11
August 10Boone! ShakaLaka9-6
RRI: 2115
The Shawn Adams Memorial Spirit of the Game Ultimate Tournament
August 30Bucket11-13
August 30Deliverance4-13
August 30Gender Across11-13
August 30Ah Fudge11-9
August 30Zaftig13-6
August 30Southside United7-15
August 30Ah Fudge11-1
August 30Disc-Connected13-12
RRI: 2172
North Carolina Mixed Sectionals
September 20Flight8-10
September 20Durhammer13-11
September 20Olio8-11
September 20Boone! ShakaLaka15-5
September 21TAU10-14
September 21Flight8-13
September 21Durhammer13-12
RRI: 2235
Mid-Atlantic Mixed Regionals
October 4Axis of C'ville7-15
October 4The Muff 'n Men15-9
October 4TAU15-13
October 4Big Red Death Machine10-15
RRI: 2279

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