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Club Mixed:

Club Mixed: A.I.R.


00Brad Buckelew
2Claire Fisher
3Daniel Cavanaugh
4Mikey Grass
5Michael DeSousa
7Becky Grass
8Jonathan Kirchner
9Tim Tuttle
10Michael Francis
11Aekta Shah
12Kelly Blynn
13Spencer Spetnagel
17Janet Thomson
18Daniel Ratner
19Dania Stotts
22Nick Breznay
25Anna Mebust
26Dave Kavulak
27Lucy Burns
33Miriam Bowring
36Abby Armstrong
42Whit Scott
44Chris Stotts
51Brandon Tomlin
54Kirsten Clemmensen
82David Anderson
99Jannine Wysmuller
Team Information
City:San Francisco, CA
Contact:Whit Scott, Jonathan Kirchner, Tim Tuttle
Comments:Adventure, Intrigue, Romance.
Last Modified:August 20, 2008
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Results & Schedule
Cal States
May 31Kill My Landlord15-4
May 31Mischief11-15
May 31Night Train4-15
June 1CTR9-15
June 1Joy Huck Club15-9
June 1Feral Cows15-10
RRI: 2277
Fort Scott Mini-Tourney
June 28CTR5-9
June 28Night Train5-13
June 28Blammo10-8
June 28That's What SHE Said13-4
RRI: 2303
July 17Classy13-5
San Rafael One-day
July 26CTR11-15
July 26Brass Monkey10-15
July 26Night Train15-9
July 26Mischief9-15
RRI: 2435
August 2Moonshine12-15
August 2Triceratops11-12
August 2Barely Legal15-3
August 2T.High JV11-15
August 3Howl15-11
August 3Breakers Mark15-8
August 3ORC$hack14-15
RRI: 2386
Discos Calientes V
August 16Children of the Corn13-7
August 16Purple Leisure13-2
August 16PieMo13-3
August 16Blammo13-6
August 17Night Train11-6
August 17BAG13-8
August 17GNT13-6
RRI: 2434
Labor Day 2008 Elite
August 30CTR7-9
August 30Chewbacca Defense13-9
August 30LA Metro13-9
August 31Brass Monkey10-12
August 31Brown Chicken Brown Cow13-12
August 31LA Metro14-12
RRI: 2473
Northern California Mixed Sectionals
September 20Purple Leisure15-2
September 20That's What SHE Said15-11
September 20Feral Cows15-9
September 20Night Train16-17
September 21Blammo15-9
September 21Brass Monkey10-15
September 21That's What SHE Said14-9
September 21Classy15-13
RRI: 2347
Northwest Mixed Regionals
October 11Mental Toss Flycoons4-12
October 11Golden Spike9-12
October 11Smoke & Mirrors12-5
October 11Moonshine10-15
October 12Bozos8-12
October 12Smoke & Mirrors W
RRI: 2343

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