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Club Mixed:

Club Mixed: Dumpsterfire


0Eric "Mike LoPresti" Brach0'2
1Rachel Robinson5'10
3Goose 4'10
6Emmy Moldenhauer5'7
7His Funkness5'9
8Jess Trinh5'5
9Trigger 5'11
11Jackson Schreiber6'2
13Tim Eubanks6'0
16Hon Yin Eubanks5'7
18John Boomgard6'1
20Eric Hartge6'1
21Luke Mullany6'0
22Mike LoPresti5'10
23Adam Wabnik6'5
24Trapstar! 5'11
29Tami Younge5'4
31Amy Faulring5'9
32Jana Gastellum5'6
33Cathleen Hamel5'6
34Swigs 5'11
42Molly Rose5'9
44Trevor DaRintern6'6
63Nadine Levin5'9
64Patrick Gilman6'2
71Cory Matheny5'11
81Chuckles Mercer5'9
87Jared Aumen6'0
88Amy Hudson6'0
Team Information
City:Baltimore, DC
Contact:dumpsterfire.ultimate at gmail
Comments:DUMPSTERFIRE...the fury, the flame, the ffffreakin awesomeness and other things that start with F.
this is why I'm hot.

why the fuego?
main reason:

Firefighters know how seriously super serious dumpsterfires can be:
"Do not let these fires draw on your emotions and cause you to make poor decisions on how to combat them."
"Any dumpster fire is an enigma because the exact contents are not known."
"As anyone who has ever fought one of these fires can tell you, these details can produce a tremendous amount of heat"

Bottom line?
The seriosity of a dumpsterfire should not be underestimated.

Mr. Wab's explanation:
"yea, like we're so good at dumping we're on fire
but dumpfire is dumb
like you dump all the time so you a dumpster
and you're awesome at it so you're on fire (NBA Jam style)

no babies in this dumpster

how do you like your dumpsters?
how do you like your fires?
Last Modified:July 15, 2008
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Results & Schedule
Bell Crack Co-ed Classic
May 17Kung Fu Grip X13-11
May 17Fat Hammer14-11
May 17Levitation Holmes15-4
May 17The Muff 'n Men13-10
May 18Hooray for Coed, Hooray6-13
May 18Gecko8-11
RRI: 2283
May 24The Clean Plate Club12-11
Mixed Easterns
June 7Bashing Pinatas4-15
June 7RIP9-13
June 7Polatouches15-5
June 7ONYX4-15
June 7BLU W
June 7Big Red Death Machine11-10
June 8Gratuitous Cheese Monkeys10-13
RRI: 2206
Philly Invite (Elite Co-Ed Division)
July 19AMP6-15
July 19Rival9-12
July 19Axis of C'ville7-15
July 19Bashing Pinatas8-14
July 20Quiet Coyote12-10
July 20Olio12-8
July 20Puppet Regime8-12
RRI: 2354
Chesapeake Open 2008
August 16Flight13-2
August 16Hustlers13-3
August 16Big Red Death Machine8-9
August 16Olio5-12
August 17The Muff 'n Men15-2
August 17TAU9-15
RRI: 2361
Capital Mixed Sectionals
September 13Big Red Death Machine13-1
September 13Biscuit Villains13-0
September 13Casual Encounters13-5
September 14Axis of C'ville12-15
RRI: 2505
Mid-Atlantic Mixed Regionals
October 4The Muff 'n Men15-7
October 4Axis of C'ville10-15
October 4Casual Encounters15-1
October 4Full Service15-6
October 4Olio12-11
October 4AMP5-15
RRI: 2412

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