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Club Mixed:

Club Mixed: BLU


Tom (Sweaty) Bellin5'4
Mike Cantrell5'10
0David Dal Zin6'1
Jacqui (Spinner) Mitchell5'1
Ellie Rutan5'5
2Lowell (Bubbles) Baker6'1
3Todd Springer6'3
4Mary Glickman5'7
5Jesse Cardozo5'6
6Nick Judson6'3
7Michele Chayka5'4
9Corey Evans5'9
11Amanda Lang5'2
15Elizabeth Harrison5'6
17Eric Schulman5'10
22Brian Bishop5'7
23Emily Hargraves5'9
24Rafe Steinhauer6'1
26Andy Bosco5'11
27Louis Marino5'9
29Val Locker5'9
32Mike Montesano5'10
Team Information
City:Westport, CT
Contact:Jesse Cardozo --
Rafe Steinhauer --
Comments:Baby Lovin' Ultimate? Butch Lesbian Ultimate? Better Looking Ultimate? Barely Legal Ultimate? Bromosexual Lovin' Ultimate?
Last Modified:September 3, 2008
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Results & Schedule
Mixed Easterns
June 7Blackfly11-12
June 7Crafty8-11
June 7Vitamin I5-14
June 7Beer Pool All-Stars15-6
June 7Dumpsterfire L
June 7Grey Till13-9
June 8White Rhino13-10
RRI: 2046
July 127Express8-12
July 12Mako9-13
24th Annual Ow My Knee
July 19M.U.T.4-15
July 19Operation Plunder Dome12-14
July 19Enough Monkeys9-8
July 20BlueREY W
July 20Bruce Li7-15
RRI: 1951
August 24Kung Fu Grip13-11
Metro New York Mixed Sectionals
September 20Puppet Regime6-10
September 20Mixed Nuts11-0
September 20No Grass For U11-5
September 20Levitation Holmes11-1
September 207Express12-10
September 20Crafty8-15
September 20Mako15-9
RRI: 2242
Northeast Mixed Regionals
October 11Tandem7-15
October 11Kung Fu Grip9-15
October 11Mogwai12-13
October 11Gratuitous15-11
RRI: 2162

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