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Club Mixed:

Club Mixed: Full Service

Full Service

Full Service
00Jon Squintz Kallin5'9
1Eugene Grinberg5'7
2Scott Shelton6'0
3Josh Dowden6'2
4James "Mano" Forbes6'3
5Aaron "Rapstar" Bourcier5'10
6Chris "Barbs" Barbieri5'10
7Mike Navarro6'0
8Jess Waugaman (C)5'3
9Allie "The Claw" Wassel5'3
13Mike "Mykus" Pawlo (C)5'8
14Nick "Plankton" Lamberti6'2
16R.C. "Rabbit" Lindenthaler5'10
17Shawn "Dubbs" Harr (C)5'6
18Darren "Alter Boy" Schminski5'9
22Mike "Trackstar" Kijewski6'0
24Louisa Pitt5'8
25Owen Simpson5'11
28Raechel Lutz5'4
37Ben "Huxley" Yang5'10
42Alyssa Winter5'0
52Jess Novak5'0
55Scott DiStefano5'9
64Tracy Verrier5'3
77Vicky Raimundo5'5
87Chris "Scuttle" Barker6'1
92Karen "Kini" Rossmassler5'9
Team Information
Team-Name:Full Service
City:North Jersey, NJ

Comments:Please email if you are interested in trying out for the 2009 club season.
Last Modified:October 11, 2008
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Results & Schedule
April 13Scranton10-8
Bell Crack Co-ed Classic
May 177Express9-14
May 17West Coast Avengers15-4
May 17Asian Massage Parlor7-15
May 18Psychadelicatessen8-14
May 18Grey Till10-8
RRI: 2080
Mixed Easterns
June 7Saper Family Cruise3-15
June 7SPAWN11-14
June 7White Rhino12-13
June 7Grey Till12-9
June 7MONSTER11-15
June 8Beer Pool All-Stars13-10
June 8Blackfly15-8
RRI: 2077
July 127Express7-13
July 12Mako2-13
Philly Invite (Club Co-Ed Division)
July 19The Muff 'n Men11-9
July 19Big Red Death Machine9-11
July 19Flight13-9
July 19Big Red Death Machine8-14
July 20Hustlers W
July 20Flight11-10
RRI: 2204
White Mountain Swiss
August 2Mixed Nuts15-10
August 27Express13-12
August 2Chinstrap8-15
August 2Grey Till15-14
August 3Gratuitous6-15
August 3Hellgate15-10
RRI: 2011
August 23Germ Circus15-9
August 23Huck Buddies15-1
August 23Kung Fu Grip11-12
August 23Sideboob15-1
August 24Muppet Dynasty6-13
August 24B.L.U. coed15-14
Founders Mixed Sectionals
September 13Hooray for Coed, Hooray1-11
September 13Lafayette College11-4
September 13Innuendo11-5
September 13Jug Handle11-6
September 14AMP7-15
September 14Germ Circus12-10
September 14AMP10-15
RRI: 2221
Mid-Atlantic Mixed Regionals
October 4Flight11-14
October 4Jug Handle15-12
October 4Germ Circus15-12
October 4Dumpsterfire6-15
RRI: 2110

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