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Club Open:

Club Open: Bodhi


1Jacob Taylor6'3
2Henry Brecher5'11
3Andrew Hollingworth5'11
4Miles Montgomery-Butler6'1
6Tyler Auer6'2
7Brendan Nichols5'9
8Watson Sallay5'10
9Micah Flynn6'1
10Alex Kapinos6'4
11Christian Foster5'11
12Alexxander Campbell5'11
15Sam Roberts6'0
16Andrew Lunetta5'11
17Patrick Roberts6'2
18Andrew Steinhafel6'3
22Misha Sidorsky5'10
23Bill Stewart6'2
24Charlie Upton6'1
25Jeff Listfield5'9
26Owen Westbrook6'2
27Tyler Bugden6'0
33Russell Wallack5'11
34Evan Johnson5'11
39Robin Stewart6'0
56Joe Costello6'1
90Brian Bistolfo5'9
93Chris Skipper6'0
Team Information
City:Somerville, MA
Contact:bodhiultimate [at] gmail [dot] com
Comments:Surfing's the Source. Change your life. Swear to God.
Last Modified:November 7, 2008
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Results & Schedule
White Mountain Open
May 24Slow Children13-4
May 24M.U.F.F.W-F
May 24Massachusetts-LowellW-F
May 24Firebird13-4
May 24Bro White13-8
May 24Demon13-5
May 25Phoenix13-8
May 25Mephisto11-13
RRI: 2490
Cazenovia Ultimate Tournament
June 7PoNY14-12
June 7Ironside7-13
June 7Pike13-7
June 8Truck Stop15-11
June 8GOAT7-15
RRI: 2566
Boston Invitational - Open Division
June 28New Slingers15-5
June 28Tombstone15-5
June 28Death or Glory15-9
June 28Pike15-10
June 29GOAT10-12
June 29Truck Stop12-15
RRI: 2550
Chesapeake Open 2008
August 16Grit (DU)13-8
August 16Floodwall13-2
August 16Forge13-10
August 16Los13-6
August 17Machine10-12
August 17Ring of Fire11-9
August 17PoNY13-11
August 17Johnny Bravo14-16
RRI: 2645
August 23Militia13-4
August 23Sons of Liberty13-11
August 23Providence Pack Dogs13-9
August 23Above & Beyond13-10
August 24Run Silent, Run Deep13-4
August 24Red Hook13-2
August 24Run Silent, Run Deep15-10
RRI: 2481
Chicago Heavyweight Championships -- Open
September 6Madison Club7-11
September 6Ludicrous Speed12-10
September 6Iron Men13-10
September 6Haymaker15-6
September 7Prairie Fire15-11
September 7Sub Zero11-13
September 7Madison Club7-13
RRI: 2544
East New England Open Sectionals, DivI
September 27Red Circus13-2
September 27Savage Strike13-2
September 27Red Tide13-8
September 27Death or Glory13-6
September 27Bowdoin College Stoned Clown13-0
September 28Sons of Liberty15-8
September 28Ironside2-15
September 28Red Tide15-9
RRI: 2517
Northeast Open Regionals, DivI
October 11Run Silent, Run Deep15-4
October 11UVM Team Chill15-4
October 11Chuck Wagon15-8
October 11GOAT9-14
October 11Sons of Liberty15-10
October 12PoNY14-13
October 12GOAT7-14
RRI: 2531
2008 UPA Club Ultimate Championships
October 30Jam9-15
October 30Ironside8-15
October 30Condors15-11
October 31El Diablo17-15
October 31Doublewide12-15
November 1Sub Zero12-15
November 1Doublewide10-13
RRI: 2573

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