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Club Mixed:

Club Mixed: MONSTER


3Pam Yiu
5Daphne So
7Jim Hui
10Amanda Moore
12Steph Hui
13Sasha Necakov
14Hilary Leung
15Hilda AhChong
16Sonia Jog
17Melodie Lumague
18Dave Ng
20Christian Hajok
21Daniela Hlousek
27Steve Canning
31Alison Waller
33Paul Dakin
50Joe Crampton
52Nate Hegarty
80Juan Gomez
83Pat Dolan
85Graeme Donnelly
88Peyton Leung
Team Information
City:Toronto, ON
Comments:MONSTER Mission Statement
To play amongst friends with passion, spirit and intensity on and off the field focusing on the goal of contending at World Ultimate Club Championships 2010.
Last Modified:May 30, 2008
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Results & Schedule
Toronto Ultimate Festival
May 10Banana Cream Pie13-4
May 10Pratice13-4
May 10Glory13-7
May 10Crisis13-3
May 11Bytown Flatball Club13-4
May 11RIP6-14
RRI: 2309
Mixed Easterns
June 7Puppet Regime8-12
June 7Big Red Death Machine14-11
June 7Levitation Holmes11-5
June 7The Muff 'n Men6-13
June 7Full Service15-11
June 8Mako15-4
RRI: 2275
The Summer Experience
June 14Lotus10-9
June 14Tony And Carmel5-13
June 14Tundra12-9
June 15Zen Asylum13-2
June 15Liquid10-8
RRI: 2252
Ontario Mixed Regionals
July 5Tundra13-12
July 5BigFish13-3
July 5Mayhem10-13
July 5Zen Asylum13-6
July 6Liquid15-9
July 6Bytown Flatball Club17-15
RRI: 2309
Mixed Up 2008
August 2Liquid9-15
August 2Wannabago15-9
August 2Phella L
August 2ONYX7-11
August 3Bytown Flatball Club6-10
August 3WannabagoW-F
RRI: 2156
Canadian Ultimate Championships - Mixed
August 14TFP10-15
August 14Wannabago15-6
August 14Swarm15-7
August 15ONYX10-9
August 15Liquid7-15
August 15Bronco14-10
August 16Psychoplastique5-15
August 16Mayhem13-8
August 16Liquid8-11
RRI: 2330
Upstate New York Mixed Sectionals
September 20Intoxicated Penguins11-1
September 20FAS11-6
September 20Float11-1
September 20Magoozy7-11
September 21Vitamin I15-13
September 21Kung Fu Grip15-6
RRI: 2299
Northeast Mixed Regionals
October 11Denoiret7-15
October 11Vitamin I15-9
October 11Tandem11-13
October 11Crafty15-10
October 11Chinstrap13-14
October 11Magoozy---
RRI: 2299
November 1The Bush Monkeys10-3
November 1Kingston Krooks15-9
November 1UWO Sharks12-6
November 2Queen's9-2
November 2MUPH15-9
November 2Beavers15-7
RRI: 2295

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