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Club Mixed:

Club Mixed: Barrio


01Deb Oslik5'6
2Trish Thoms5'8
4Chris Shepard6'2
7Scott Forsythe6'1
8Austin Gregersen6'4
9Jen Pashley5'3
11Stephan Scholz6'1
13Julia Tenen5'6
14Liz Penny5'10
16Pauline Moleski5'7
17Jeff Grobe6'2
18Grant McCall6'1
19Gretchen Kiehlbaugh5'6
23Brandon Palmer6'2
27Jess Thoms5'8
30Jim Morrison6'1
34Juan Castro5'9
37Marcus Behrens6'1
44John Marcy5'11
48Xenia Kachur5'6
49Erik Gafni6'1
81David Husid6'0
88Simrit Khalsa5'6
Team Information
City:Tucson, AZ
Comments:stone cold chillin...
Last Modified:August 11, 2008
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Results & Schedule
17th Annual GRUB - A division
July 19Paper Champions4-15
July 19Kaw River Hustlers15-4
July 19RIPE12-11
July 19All Over12-13
July 20Possums W
July 20Kaw River Hustlers12-10
July 20Flash Flood15-11
RRI: 2412
Spawnfest Elite Mixed
August 23Alpha Cobra Squadron14-12
August 23Mischief10-14
August 23Mental Toss Flycoons9-12
August 23Brass Monkey9-10
August 23Bad Larry10-7
August 23Shazam Remains8-15
August 23D'oh!7-15
RRI: 2510
Desert Mixed Sectionals
September 14HumpFreeze15-6
RRI: 2480
Southwest Mixed Regionals
October 11Fort Collins United13-3
October 11RIPE13-6
October 11Party Van13-10
October 11Brown Chicken Brown Cow13-8
October 12Alchemy13-6
October 12Cougars14-12
RRI: 2544
2008 UPA Club Ultimate Championships
October 30Cougars15-11
October 30Chewbacca Defense15-9
October 30Mischief12-13
October 30Puppet Regime15-11
October 31D'oh!14-13
November 1Alpha Cobra Squadron10-15
November 1Slow White11-12
November 1AMPF-W
RRI: 2606

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