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Club Mixed:

Club Mixed: Alchemy


Betsy Andrews
Cat Anievas
Marc Anievas
Larkin Carey
Jess Dauchy
Nate Dauchy
Elizabeth de Money
Jen Delamere
Peter Delamere
Nathan Flowers-Jacobs
Mike Galloy
Eric Hutton
Kim Hutton
Rhonda Kracker
Geir Kvaran
Bobby Lee
Paul Parker
Mark Piper
Tracy Scholl
Trent Simmons
Charles Stone
Stan Strunk
Sonya Wytinck
Ben Zeiger
Team Information
City:Boulder, CO
Last Modified:August 25, 2008
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Results & Schedule
Lungbuster '08
July 12Questionable at Best8-10
July 12Crude (WY)13-5
July 12Chewy13-4
July 12Fat Camp12-9
July 13Steamboat Springs12-7
July 13High Plains Drifters9-10
July 13Colorado Springs12-6
RRI: 2249
17th Annual GRUB - A division
July 19Shazam Remains5-15
July 19Flash Flood15-8
July 19Slow Dance13-11
July 19Mii So Horny13-15
July 20Kaw River Hustlers12-14
July 20Possums15-7
RRI: 2312
Cow Pattie Classic
August 23DNC-075-15
August 23Colorado Springs14-13
August 23Golden Showers15-8
August 23RIPE13-12
August 24UNC Reunion15-2
August 24Fort Collins United15-6
RRI: 2249
Rocky Mountain Mixed Sectionals
September 13Bad Larry7-10
September 13Fort Collins United13-4
September 13Red Alert14-12
September 13RIPE12-13
September 14Red Alert15-10
September 14Love Tractor10-12
September 14Fort Collins United15-6
RRI: 2257
Cow Pattie Classic
September 24DNC-0712-15
RRI: 2370
Southwest Mixed Regionals
October 11RIPE10-13
October 11Brown Chicken Brown Cow8-12
October 11Fort Collins United13-6
October 11Party Van9-13
October 12Barrio6-13
October 12Slow Dance9-11
October 12Inferno 13-6
RRI: 2228

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