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Club Mixed:

Club Mixed: Quiet Coyote

Quiet Coyote

Quiet Coyote
00Jake Eberly6'1
2Laura Cedro5'7
4Caroline Chow5'5
5Greg Sanda5'7
6Josh Shea5'9
7Mike Wiseman5'10
8Casey Terp6'4
9Courtney Moores5'1
11Andy Joynt6'1
12Dave Thome5'11
13Jason Adams5'11
14Jeremy Maunus5'9
15Julie Goff5'10
17Roy Hodgman6'1
19Krishna Kannan5'7
20Alexis Johnson5'10
25Chrissy Dobson5'10
27Erin Baumgartner5'10
29Eric Stevens6'0
33Kristin Cappello5'3
34Ian Warrington6'2
44Max Woolf6'3
47Tim Corbett5'9
51Ryan Scribner6'0
54Caroline Linehan5'9
55Jeremy Redburn6'4
98Andy Wurtzel6'2
Team Information
Team-Name:Quiet Coyote
City:Boston, MA
Last Modified:May 7, 2007
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Results & Schedule
Mixed Easterns
June 7NYC Crane Co.15-5
June 7Mako15-4
June 7ONYX14-11
June 7Bashing Pinatas6-15
June 7Crafty15-7
June 8Puppet Regime15-14
June 8Slow White-Y---
June 8Bashing Pinatas14-11
RRI: 2477
Philly Invite (Elite Co-Ed Division)
July 19AMP7-12
July 19Rival12-14
July 19Axis of C'ville12-13
July 19Bashing Pinatas8-13
July 19Puppet Regime7-11
July 19Olio15-5
July 20Dumpsterfire10-12
RRI: 2418
Chicago Heavyweight Championships -- Mixed
September 6Alpha Cobra Squadron9-12
September 6Hybrid15-6
September 6Plowed15-5
September 6Steamboat12-5
September 6Lush9-8
September 7One Trick Pony13-14
September 7Hybrid7-10
RRI: 2437
East New England Mixed Sectionals
September 13Blackfly15-3
September 13WPI coed15-0
September 13Gratuitous15-8
September 14Tandem11-10
September 14Slow White6-15
September 14Tandem11-13
RRI: 2389
20th Anniversary Red Tide Ultimate Clambake (Mixed)
September 20Chinstrap15-12
September 21Abominable15-9
RRI: 2429
Northeast Mixed Regionals
October 11Kung Fu Grip15-7
October 11Tandem15-10
October 11Puppet Regime13-11
October 12Slow White15-8
RRI: 2628
2008 UPA Club Ultimate Championships
October 30AMP8-15
October 30Mental Toss Flycoons10-15
October 30Slow White9-15
October 30Guillermo Y Compania10-15
October 30Bucket15-13
October 31Peppermint Bon Bon16-15
November 1Peppermint Bon Bon11-15
RRI: 2435

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