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Club Women's: Loose Cannon

Loose Cannon

Loose Cannon
1Christie Lawry5'5
2Carri Hogg5'5
3Diana Cornell5'11
7Kimberly Beach5'5
8Lucy Gillespie5'8
9Kathy Heyman5'5
10Caitlin Redding5'8
11Holly Shapiro5'5
13Marie Laurenza5'7
14Kayla Kleynen5'4
19Amanda Virbitsky5'10
22Shelley Su5'6
24Amy Wickner5'9
27Tracy Berg5'3
37Lindsay Newman5'4
69Courtney Wang5'5
78Amanda Goodin5'10
Team Information
Team-Name:Loose Cannon
Contact:We're back! And we plan to add practice to our picnics this season. We're Loose Cannon. We like to drink beer, talk about our feelings, and sky bitches. If you have any interest in joining our team, please send an email to loosecannon08 at gmail dot com
Comments:Most practices will be in Baltimore or Harrisburg.
Last Modified:October 22, 2008
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Results & Schedule
June 21Rivet13-8
June 21Pigasus W
June 21Dish W
June 21Michigan Combo13-5
June 21ZOI15-2
June 21Michigan Combo7-2
RRI: 2691
No Borders 2008 (Women's)
July 19Lotus11-12
July 19Scarlett13-3
July 19Salty13-1
July 19Dame10-12
July 20Stella13-11
July 20Lotus9-14
July 20DameW-F
RRI: 2802
Chesapeake Open 2008
August 16Showdown4-13
August 16Backhoe7-10
August 16Lady Godiva12-10
August 16Wicked13-10
August 16Ambush9-13
August 17Backhoe7-13
RRI: 2751
Labor Day Ultimate Championships
August 30Ambush15-5
August 30Safari10-12
August 30Fury8-15
August 30Brute Squad10-13
August 30Backhoe9-15
August 31Box14-11
RRI: 2905
Founders Women's Sectionals, DivI
September 13Broad Street13-2
September 13UPitt Danger13-0
September 13Cupcakes13-1
September 13Bucknell13-0
September 14Pounce13-5
September 14Wicked13-7
RRI: 2874
Mid-Atlantic Women's Regionals
October 4Sweet T9-11
October 4Broad Street13-1
October 4Wicked13-7
October 4PI13-0
October 5Backhoe9-15
October 5Pounce15-10
October 5Wicked14-9
October 5Scandal15-11
RRI: 2796
2008 UPA Club Ultimate Championships
October 30Lady Godiva8-15
October 30Backhoe5-15
October 30Pop11-15
October 30Rare Air8-15
October 30LaYuma14-11
October 31Ambush8-15
November 1Ambush15-7
RRI: 2718

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