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Club Mixed:

Club Mixed: Shazam Remains

Shazam Remains

Shazam Remains
1Eric Mattson6'0
2Lindsey Wilson5'6
4Jane Kaufman5'2
5Jon Ladd6'0
7Mickey Thompson6'0
9Eddie Feeley5'11
10Jonathan Loeffler6'5
11Will Whitman6'1
18Charlie Ellis6'2
20Ben Secord6'1
22Tucker Jackson6'3
23Hall Walker6'0
26Scott Causey5'9
28Arnie Larson6'0
39Sarah Ross Viles5'8
41Mike Schwindeller5'10
42Megan Zdancewic5'6
44Shannon O’Neill5'9
48Erin Gallagher5'7
51Pam Kraus5'10
52Annie Plank5'3
54Emily Grad5'4
55Nora Carr5'7
76Carla Fowler5'9
Team Information
Team-Name:Shazam Remains
City:Seattle, WA
Last Modified:September 1, 2008
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Results & Schedule
April 19Rockeye8-15
June 22Shadrach15-10
July 4TFP12-15
17th Annual GRUB - A division
July 19Alchemy15-5
July 19Slow Dance15-1
July 19Flash Flood15-3
July 19Paper Champions9-15
July 20Bad Larry15-5
July 20Liver Punch Revival11-15
RRI: 2651
Spawnfest Elite Mixed
August 23Alpha Cobra Squadron15-11
August 23Bad Larry15-6
August 23Mental Toss Flycoons15-9
August 23Mischief14-16
August 23D'oh!15-8
August 23Barrio15-8
August 23Brass Monkey15-8
RRI: 2765
Washington / BC Mixed Sectionals
September 20Walla Walla Sweets A15-2
September 20Walla Walla Sweets B15-3
September 20Moonshine15-8
September 20Shadrach15-10
September 20D'oh!15-16
RRI: 2596
Northwest Mixed Regionals
October 11Triceratops15-8
October 11Psychoplastique15-6
October 11Brass Monkey15-10
October 11Mischief12-15
October 12CTR14-8
October 12D'oh!13-14
October 12CTR15-12
RRI: 2646
2008 UPA Club Ultimate Championships
October 30Guillermo Y Compania15-4
October 30Peppermint Bon Bon15-11
October 30Alpha Cobra Squadron15-9
October 30Mental Toss Flycoons9-15
October 31AMP15-5
November 1Puppet Regime15-6
November 1Mischief15-11
November 2Mental Toss Flycoons11-15
RRI: 2752

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