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Club Open:

Club Open: Run Silent, Run Deep

Run Silent, Run Deep

Run Silent, Run Deep
00Jie Dong
00Gareth Marshall
1Mike Weinstein
2Brett MacDonald
3Justin Chiu
4Chris Levasseur
6Josh Dennis
7Ron Strohsahl
8Shai Herman
9Keith Anderson
10Jon Crider
11Craig Bunce
12AJ Pave
13Mark Tuden
14Pat Kelsey
15Stephen Bannings
17Dylan Zeigler
19Sam Tobin-Hochstadt
22Ron Stone
23Joe Switzer
25Jed Cyr
31David Poznik
32Greg Castanon
33Alex "Throat" Rosati
34Fox Kevin
42Simeon Springer
43Brian Buck
45Andrew Roberts
56Tim Moore
86Ryan Ellis
91Jeremy Kanter
Team Information
Team-Name:Run Silent, Run Deep
City:Brighton, MA
Last Modified:October 3, 2006
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Results & Schedule
White Mountain Open
May 24Phoenix3-13
May 24Death or Glory3-13
May 24Colt .4513-7
May 24Sons of Liberty6-13
May 24Cosmic Debris L
May 25Red Tide L
May 25Firebird13-12
RRI: 2084
Boston Invitational - Open Division
June 28Roots of Rhythm9-15
June 28Firebird15-7
June 28Colt .4513-15
June 28Red Hook15-13
June 28Tombstone11-13
June 29Red Circus10-14
RRI: 2200
Montreal Jazz Tournament
July 5Mephisto4-13
July 5Gabriel Hennessy W
July 5Double Dragon W
July 5Bear Proof8-13
July 6Double Dragon9-12
July 6Ray Net14-11
July 6DemonF-W
RRI: 2007
August 2Montreal Open7-15
August 2K & F15-5
August 2Red Hook12-10
August 2Zebra Muscles15-10
August 3Double Dragon15-9
August 3Chuck Wagon7-15
RRI: 2105
August 23Red Hook13-9
August 23Militia13-6
August 23Above & Beyond12-9
August 23Sons of Liberty12-11
August 24Providence Pack Dogs13-11
August 24Bodhi4-13
August 24Bodhi10-15
RRI: 2334
East New England Open Sectionals, DivI
September 27Sons of Liberty3-13
September 27Brown U Club12-8
September 27Ironside3-13
September 27Militia13-8
September 27Tufts U Club13-6
September 28Sons of Liberty12-15
September 28Red Circus15-8
September 28Death or Glory15-13
RRI: 2208
Northeast Open Regionals, DivI
October 11Bodhi4-15
October 11Chuck Wagon10-15
October 11UVM Team Chill15-7
October 11Montreal Open15-4
October 12Phoenix15-17
October 12UVM Team Chill15-5
October 12Colt .457-15
RRI: 2259

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