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Club Mixed:

Club Mixed: Olio


4Meredith Niess5'3
8David Anderson5'8
9Katie Irons5'6
10Mick Ribault5'9
11Garrett Dyer5'10
12Troy Revell5'11
15Jesse Overby6'1
17Chris Hinkle6'0
18Missy Overby5'5
19Grant Gardner6'0
20Sara Veale5'5
21Julie Morris5'3
22Nicole Chauvigne5'7
24Lauren Gardner5'3
25Heather Gardner5'2
28Alex Trahey6'3
42Alan Hoyle5'8
48Phil Prudich6'4
55Ryan Smith6'4
63Dave Cesa5'10
66Justin Valasek6'2
77Stacey Prudich5'5
79Jennifer Coon5'3
84Adam Pike5'9
87Jon McLeod6'2
Team Information
City:Raleigh, NC
Contact:Garrett Dyer - garrett-dyer -at-
Comments:Captains - Troy Revell, Garrett Dyer, Stacey Prudich
Last Modified:August 4, 2008
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Results & Schedule
Philly Invite (Elite Co-Ed Division)
July 19Slow White8-13
July 19Puppet Regime12-13
July 19One Trick Pony8-11
July 19Hooray for Coed, Hooray10-11
July 19Chewbacca Defense11-9
July 19Quiet Coyote5-15
July 20Dumpsterfire8-12
RRI: 2390
Glazed Daze Summer Edition
August 2Boone! ShakaLaka11-6
August 2Steamboat13-5
August 2TAU15-8
August 2Flight15-8
August 3Durhammer13-7
August 3Axis of C'ville11-9
August 3Deliverance10-12
RRI: 2499
Chesapeake Open 2008
August 16AMP9-8
August 16Tandem9-7
August 16Bashing Pinatas8-10
August 16Dumpsterfire12-5
August 17AMP2-12
August 17Axis of C'ville8-10
RRI: 2461
Chicago Heavyweight Championships -- Mixed
September 6Teddy Grumpskins15-5
September 6The Abusement Park9-12
September 6Oh Boy!13-9
September 6Puppet Regime6-11
September 6Rival L
September 6Lush11-15
September 7Hybrid5-10
RRI: 2285
North Carolina Mixed Sectionals
September 20Durhammer12-9
September 20TAU11-9
September 20The Clean Plate Club11-8
September 20Flight11-12
September 21Boone! ShakaLaka15-7
September 21TAU12-10
RRI: 2345
Mid-Atlantic Mixed Regionals
October 4Hustlers15-4
October 4TAU12-11
October 4Hooray for Coed, Hooray10-15
October 4Dumpsterfire11-12
RRI: 2399

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