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Club Mixed:

Club Mixed: Bashing Pinatas

Bashing Pinatas

Bashing Pinatas
00Ryan West5'11
2Ellie Weyer5'2
4Kerry Beyrer5'7
9Kris Longo5'5
11Dave Dayan6'0
12Jenny O'Connell5'11
13Kimberly Ryan5'4
21Emily Cho5'3
24Seth Canetti5'8
25Ercan Hocalar5'10
34Chris Wicus6'3
42Stephen Glauser6'0
43Zac Hilton6'2
45Billy Olli5'7
47Lucas Murphy5'8
48Katie Hocalar5'11
54Livingston Ordway5'11
77Minerva Muzquiz5'2
85Vinny Fiacco6'2
Team Information
Team-Name:Bashing Pinatas
City:Cap City Bang-Bang-Bang, NY
Last Modified:September 26, 2008
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Results & Schedule
Bell Crack Co-ed Classic
May 17The Muff 'n Men15-4
May 17Big Red Death Machine12-6
May 17Casual Encounters15-5
May 17Kung Fu Grip X15-4
May 18Denoiret L
May 18Ain't My Problem13-3
May 18Gecko10-8
RRI: 2563
Mixed Easterns
June 7Dumpsterfire15-4
June 7Polatouches15-2
June 7RIP15-4
June 7Quiet Coyote15-6
June 8Mogwai15-12
June 8Gecko14-11
June 8ONYX14-9
June 8Quiet Coyote11-14
RRI: 2596
Boston Invitational - Mixed Divison
June 28TFP5-15
June 28Great Britian Mixed12-13
June 28Slow White4-15
June 28AMP9-13
June 28Puppet Regime13-11
June 29Mischief7-14
June 29Hooray for Coed, Hooray8-15
RRI: 2391
Philly Invite (Elite Co-Ed Division)
July 19AMP10-11
July 19Rival12-8
July 19Dumpsterfire14-8
July 19Axis of C'ville10-9
July 19Quiet Coyote13-8
July 19Chewbacca Defense5-7
July 20Hooray for Coed, Hooray10-15
RRI: 2542
Chesapeake Open 2008
August 16AMP9-10
August 16Tandem10-8
August 16Olio10-8
August 16Axis of C'ville8-11
August 17Tandem13-12
August 17Hooray for Coed, Hooray7-15
RRI: 2435
Metro New York Mixed Sectionals
September 20Mako13-8
September 20Grey Till13-2
September 20Crafty13-2
September 20Hellgate13-1
September 20Crafty15-9
September 21Puppet Regime6-15
RRI: 2448
Northeast Mixed Regionals
October 11Vitamin I15-7
October 11Denoiret10-14
October 11Kung Fu Grip15-6
October 11Chinstrap13-6
October 12Puppet Regime7-11
October 12Tandem11-15
RRI: 2425

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