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Club Mixed:

Club Mixed: Mental Toss Flycoons

Mental Toss Flycoons

Mental Toss Flycoons
0Mark Aagenes6'3
1Tim Murray6'1
2Hugh Carey5'10
3Eric Rasmussen6'0
4Nevin Root6'2
5Daphne Evans5'6
7James Kennedy6'0
8Michael Farris5'9
9Kat Neal5'3
11Jayme Eichert6'3
12Skyla Sisco5'7
14Emily Kimmel5'8
15Johnny O'Connor5'10
18Kenneth Billington6'2
19Camas Key6'2
20Sarah Megyesi5'9
21Dominic Benincasa5'8
22Andy Short5'11
25John Stillman6'2
27Anne George5'9
31Will Sutton5'8
32Emily Smith5'9
33Jennifer Nichols5'6
34Nate McConnell6'0
39Scott Conway5'10
55John Russell5'7
59Mary Burke5'8
77Andy Neill5'11
Team Information
Team-Name:Mental Toss Flycoons
City:Missoula, MT
Last Modified:October 23, 2008
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Mental Toss Flycoons
Results & Schedule
Spawnfest Elite Mixed
August 23D'oh!13-14
August 23Barrio12-9
August 23Shazam Remains9-15
August 23Bad Larry15-5
August 23Brass Monkey15-4
August 23Mischief15-7
August 24Alpha Cobra Squadron14-15
August 24Alpha Cobra Squadron4-11
RRI: 2658
Big Sky Mixed Sectionals
September 20Chasing Tail13-3
September 20Zootown Incline13-1
September 20Bozos13-10
September 20Schadenfreude13-7
September 20Pandemonium13-2
September 20Psychoplastique15-9
September 21Golden Spike13-14
RRI: 2583
Northwest Mixed Regionals
October 11A.I.R.12-4
October 11Golden Spike13-9
October 11Smoke & Mirrors15-5
October 11D'oh!14-12
October 12Mischief10-12
October 12D'oh!15-9
RRI: 2682
2008 UPA Club Ultimate Championships
October 30Slow White15-12
October 30Quiet Coyote15-10
October 30AMP12-14
October 30Shazam Remains15-9
October 31Alpha Cobra Squadron15-3
November 1Slow White15-5
November 1Alpha Cobra Squadron15-11
November 2Shazam Remains15-11
RRI: 2773

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