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Club Mixed:

Club Mixed: Slow White

Slow White

Slow White
00Chris Farina5'10
2Cassidy "Bluto" Edwards5'9
3Kris Kelly5'2
4Peter Prial6'3
5Meriden D'Arcy5'7
8Sean Laing6'3
10Mike Miller5'7
11Evan Patisteas6'1
12Christopher Waite6'1
15Amanda Bailey5'7
16Tim Warden-Hertz5'8
17Siona O'Flynn5'10
18Kendra Frederick5'9
19Noel Madison Fetting-Smith5'10
20Matt Greytak6'0
21Steve Sullivan5'9
24Chelsea Pawlek5'9
31Adam Patisteas6'2
32Christina Allain5'3
33Dana Christensen5'5
34Bethany Dutra5'3
48Erin Kelleher5'5
58Elliott Gould6'0
66Angie "Snitch" Xiong5'2
69Adrienne Altobelli5'7
81Alex Morrone6'1
84Allison Yochim5'7
88Frank Fellone5'9
Team Information
Team-Name:Slow White
City:Boston, MA
Contact:Kendra Frederick -
Mike Miller -
Comments:Get some!
Last Modified:September 11, 2008
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Slow White-X
Slow White-Y
Results & Schedule
Boston Invitational - Mixed Divison
June 28AMP10-15
June 28Puppet Regime11-12
June 28Bashing Pinatas15-4
June 28Mischief11-15
June 28TFP8-15
June 28Great Britian Mixed9-15
June 29Hooray for Coed, Hooray12-13
RRI: 2511
Philly Invite (Elite Co-Ed Division)
July 19Olio13-8
July 19Puppet Regime9-12
July 19Chewbacca Defense10-12
July 19One Trick Pony12-10
July 19Axis of C'ville9-10
July 20Hooray for Coed, Hooray13-11
July 20Rival15-8
RRI: 2553
Chesapeake Open 2008
August 16Hooray for Coed, Hooray7-10
August 16Axis of C'ville12-10
August 16Bucket11-13
August 16TAU13-8
August 17Axis of C'ville13-12
August 17AMP10-12
RRI: 2500
August 23Grey Till13-2
August 23Operation Plunder Dome13-6
August 23Vitamin I13-6
August 237Express15-8
August 24Gratuitous15-7
August 247Express15-1
August 24Chinstrap17-15
RRI: 2498
Chicago Heavyweight Championships -- Mixed
September 6Gambit15-6
September 6One Trick Pony14-10
September 6Food & Liquor15-4
September 6ICE13-9
September 7The Abusement Park15-5
September 7Peppermint Bon Bon13-14
RRI: 2601
East New England Mixed Sectionals
September 13S.S. ARG13-7
September 13Purple Heys13-1
September 137Fast 7Furious13-6
September 13White Rhino13-1
September 13Mogwai15-7
September 14Quiet Coyote15-6
RRI: 2588
Northeast Mixed Regionals
October 11Gratuitous15-6
October 11Chinstrap14-9
October 11Denoiret15-6
October 12Quiet Coyote8-15
October 12Puppet Regime15-8
RRI: 2554
2008 UPA Club Ultimate Championships
October 30Mental Toss Flycoons12-15
October 30AMP15-14
October 30Quiet Coyote15-9
October 30Peppermint Bon Bon12-15
October 31Guillermo Y Compania12-11
October 31D'oh!15-9
November 1Mental Toss Flycoons5-15
November 1Barrio12-11
RRI: 2571

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