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Club Women's:

Club Women's: Backhoe


00Sharon Tucker5'4
2Johanna Vidales5'5
4Katy Harris5'6
7Beth Gifford5'3
10Teresa Rouse5'5
11Jen Waldrup5'11
12Beth Stagner5'7
13Becky LeDonne5'7
14Rachel Gross5'3
17Cate Foster5'5
21Jenny Rogers5'2
23Lindsey Hack5'10
24Claire Calise5'11
25Sasha Romantseva5'3
32Melanie Morgan5'7
34Frannie Goodrich5'10
73Sarah Immel5'4
81Sarah Morrison5'8
84Kate Morrison5'7
Team Information
City:Raleigh, NC
Last Modified:July 30, 2007
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Backhoe Y
Results & Schedule
Boston Invite 2008 - Women's Elite Division
June 28Canada6-15
June 28Lady Godiva15-8
June 28Fury5-15
June 28Ozone10-11
June 29Brute Squad12-13
June 29Stella13-8
June 29Zeitgeist13-11
RRI: 3032
THE Winston Cup Challenge: Charlotte Version
August 9Pity the Fool15-1
August 9Pop15-10
August 9Sweet T15-8
August 9Scandal15-8
August 10Queen City Lightening15-1
August 10Sweet T15-3
August 10Pop15-5
RRI: 3096
Chesapeake Open 2008
August 16Showdown9-12
August 16Loose Cannon10-7
August 16Lady Godiva11-4
August 16LaYuma13-2
August 17Loose Cannon13-7
August 17Showdown15-7
August 17Brute Squad15-8
RRI: 3133
Labor Day Ultimate Championships
August 30Safari14-8
August 30Brute Squad13-11
August 30Fury9-15
August 30Ambush15-6
August 30Loose Cannon15-9
August 31Riot9-12
RRI: 3069
North Carolina Women's Sectionals
September 20Wahine15-2
September 20ECU - Black Pearl15-0
September 20Pity the Fool15-3
September 20Sweet T15-6
RRI: 3031
Mid-Atlantic Women's Regionals
October 4Pounce13-0
October 4Scandal13-1
October 4Fanciful Unicorns13-1
October 4UVA Hydra13-0
October 5Loose Cannon15-9
October 5Scandal15-2
RRI: 3247
2008 UPA Club Ultimate Championships
October 30Pop15-4
October 30Loose Cannon15-5
October 30Lady Godiva15-12
October 30Capitals13-15
October 31Fury7-15
November 1Traffic12-13
November 1Brute Squad9-13
November 1Lady Godiva15-3
RRI: 3067

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