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Club Mixed:

Club Mixed: Mischief


1Warren Schechter6'0
2Adam Brown5'8
3Chris Doyle5'10
5Danielle Platt5'7
6Lyndsay Holley5'4
8Wes Chao5'7
9Hannah Buoye5'0
10Emily Gauthier5'10
11Steffi Wu5'6
12Dan Olstein5'7
13Andi Coleman5'7
14Quinn Kennett6'1
17Sunya Ojure5'6
18Nick Weiss5'10
19Shirley Wu5'2
20Andy Crews5'8
24Adam Leventhal6'1
33Kyle Smith6'1
34Chris Hyde6'4
39Kara Johnson5'4
41Annie Banks
42Mark Smith6'1
44Ryan Gerlach6'0
47Kitt Hodsden5'7
55Eric Feise5'9
83David Pickett5'9
88Will Goodyer5'9
Team Information
City:SF Bay Area, CA
Contact:Chris Doyle
Comments:Competitive and fun sixth year team with a healthy mix of returning vets and new faces with mad boat racing skills.
Last Modified:September 29, 2008
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Results & Schedule
DUI 2008 - Mixed
April 5MD 20/20 W
April 5GNT W
April 5Feral Cows W
April 5Mad Figs W
April 6LA Metro10-11
April 6CTR13-11
April 6LA Metro11-6
RRI: 2493
Cal States
May 31CTR15-8
May 31Night Train15-12
May 31A.I.R.15-11
June 1Kill My Landlord15-2
June 1CTR15-4
June 1LA Metro15-12
RRI: 2614
Boston Invitational - Mixed Divison
June 28Hooray for Coed, Hooray9-15
June 28Great Britian Mixed15-10
June 28Slow White15-11
June 28Puppet Regime13-10
June 28AMP8-15
June 29Bashing Pinatas14-7
June 29TFP13-15
RRI: 2580
San Rafael One-day
July 26A.I.R.15-9
July 26Brown Chicken Brown Cow9-8
July 26Australia - Mixed L
July 26Night Train W
RRI: 2501
Spawnfest Elite Mixed
August 23D'oh!12-15
August 23Barrio14-10
August 23Bad Larry14-11
August 23Shazam Remains16-14
August 23Brass Monkey12-7
August 23Mental Toss Flycoons7-15
August 24Alpha Cobra Squadron11-12
RRI: 2596
Labor Day 2008 Elite
August 30Brown Chicken Brown Cow10-9
August 30Night Train12-8
August 30Brass Monkey13-8
August 31LA Metro15-8
August 31Brass Monkey14-8
August 31Chewbacca Defense15-8
RRI: 2634
Northern California Mixed Sectionals
September 20BAG17-2
September 20Classy17-6
September 20Blammo15-1
September 20Night Train15-5
September 21CTR15-6
RRI: 2836
Northwest Mixed Regionals
October 11Night Train15-8
October 11Bozos15-4
October 11Hunzicker Proxy15-6
October 11Shazam Remains15-12
October 12Mental Toss Flycoons12-10
RRI: 2772
2008 UPA Club Ultimate Championships
October 30Chewbacca Defense13-15
October 30Cougars15-4
October 30Barrio13-12
October 30D'oh!15-8
October 31Puppet Regime15-10
November 1AMP14-12
November 1Shazam Remains11-15
RRI: 2660

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