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Club Mixed:

Club Mixed: Brass Monkey

Brass Monkey

Brass Monkey
5Matt Elliott5'11
6Kelli Badillo5'5
8Matt Ruby5'10
9Shaun Webb5'11
10Matt Albinson5'10
11Freddy Beaman5'7
12Shannon Overly5'6
13Kyna Fong5'4
14Meredith Allen5'9
15Chris McTiernan5'11
16Kerry Soo Von Esch5'1
18Bonnie Tsui5'4
20Liz Gannes5'4
24Jesse Woodward6'3
25Gretchen Safdie5'4
26Linda Shively5'3
28Gail Solod5'4
29Jason Draut6'2
32Mike Nowak6'2
39Andy Fisher5'10
46Chris McCarty5'11
55Will Chen5'9
77Sam Kortz6'4
82An-Chi Tsou5'3
87Patrick Hard6'1
Team Information
Team-Name:Brass Monkey
City:Bay Area, CA
Contact:jasondraut [at] gmail [dot] com
Last Modified:May 12, 2008
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Results & Schedule
Cal States
May 31Feral Cows15-11
May 31Joy Huck Club15-0
May 31LA Metro10-15
May 31Blammo14-8
June 1CTR11-15
June 1Blammo W
RRI: 2337
San Rafael One-day
July 26A.I.R.15-10
July 26CTR10-5
July 26Night Train15-5
RRI: 2694
Spawnfest Elite Mixed
August 23Alpha Cobra Squadron8-15
August 23D'oh!9-11
August 23Bad Larry12-14
August 23Barrio10-9
August 23Mental Toss Flycoons4-15
August 23Mischief7-12
August 23Shazam Remains8-15
RRI: 2421
Labor Day 2008 Elite
August 30Night Train9-12
August 30Brown Chicken Brown Cow11-6
August 30Mischief8-13
August 31A.I.R.12-10
August 31Mischief8-14
RRI: 2448
Northern California Mixed Sectionals
September 20Blammo15-5
September 20Central Valley All-Stars15-4
September 20GNT15-3
September 20Classy15-3
September 20Night Train15-7
September 21CTR13-15
September 21A.I.R.15-10
September 21CTR15-13
RRI: 2579
Northwest Mixed Regionals
October 11Shazam Remains10-15
October 11Psychoplastique11-10
October 11Triceratops14-8
October 11Night Train15-12
October 11Golden SpikeF-W
October 12D'oh!6-15
October 12Hunzicker Proxy6-13
October 12Night Train12-13
RRI: 2426

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