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Club Mixed: CTR


Team Information
City:Bay Area, CA
Last Modified:May 17, 2004
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Results & Schedule
Spring Fling 2008
March 16That's What SHE Said10-5
March 16bogart7-4
March 16Feral Cows8-6
March 16TBD7-4
March 16Classy11-3
March 16LPC5-11
RRI: 2434
DUI 2008 - Mixed
April 5Kill My Landlord15-2
April 5Classy15-8
April 5Free Range15-1
April 5That's What SHE Said12-10
April 5Blammo11-4
April 6Mischief11-13
April 6That's What SHE Said14-9
RRI: 2487
Cal States
May 31Night Train9-15
May 31Kill My Landlord15-5
May 31Mischief8-15
June 1A.I.R.15-9
June 1Brass Monkey15-11
June 1Mischief4-15
RRI: 2420
Fort Scott Mini-Tourney
June 28That's What SHE Said11-4
June 28Night Train10-6
June 28A.I.R.9-5
June 28Blammo13-3
RRI: 2639
San Rafael One-day
July 26A.I.R.15-11
July 26Brown Chicken Brown Cow15-13
July 26Brass Monkey5-10
RRI: 2417
Labor Day 2008 Elite
August 30A.I.R.9-7
August 30LA Metro10-9
August 30Chewbacca Defense10-8
August 31Brown Chicken Brown Cow15-9
August 31Chewbacca Defense11-13
RRI: 2513
Northern California Mixed Sectionals
September 20TFT15-2
September 20Kill My Landlord15-4
September 20Night Train15-9
September 20That's What SHE Said15-7
September 21Brass Monkey15-13
September 21Mischief6-15
September 21Brass Monkey13-15
RRI: 2490
Northwest Mixed Regionals
October 11Bid*Well Nuts15-11
October 11Moonshine15-9
October 11D'oh!10-14
October 11Golden Spike15-14
October 12Shazam Remains8-14
October 12Night Train15-8
October 12Hunzicker Proxy15-7
October 12Shazam Remains12-15
RRI: 2539

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