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Club Mixed:

Club Mixed: Bad Larry

Bad Larry

Bad Larry
00Tom Lekan5'7
1Isabelle Stohler5'0
2Dan Hunt6'2
3David Barnes6'0
4James Beeby5'4
8Lindsey Munkwitz6'0
13Julie Beeby5'8
14Mike Washington5'8
15Dave Freund6'1
16Erica Munson5'7
20Joe Durst6'1
21Jason Flock6'0
22Jeff Rood5'10
23Zeth Lietzau5'6
27Shannon Smith5'6
28Elizabeth Steen5'8
40Ryan Kircher5'10
42Melissa Munkwitz5'10
44Jess Spuhler5'6
73Bill Burke5'10
85Donald Corson5'4
95Devon Calonge5'10
Team Information
Team-Name:Bad Larry
City:Denver, CO
Contact:See website
Last Modified:April 19, 2004
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Results & Schedule
May 31Slow Dance15-4
May 31RIPE8-10
May 31Drive Thru Liquor W
June 1RIPE15-5
June 1Fort Collins United W
June 1Drive Thru Liquor W
17th Annual GRUB - A division
July 19Possums15-2
July 19Mii So Horny15-8
July 19P.A.E.9-15
July 19Flash Flood15-6
July 20Shazam Remains5-15
July 20Golden Spike13-15
RRI: 2467
Spawnfest Elite Mixed
August 23Brass Monkey14-12
August 23Shazam Remains6-15
August 23Mischief11-14
August 23Mental Toss Flycoons5-15
August 23Barrio7-10
August 23D'oh!7-15
August 24Alpha Cobra Squadron4-15
RRI: 2387
Rocky Mountain Mixed Sectionals
September 13Fort Collins United14-9
September 13Red Alert12-5
September 13Alchemy10-7
September 14Slow Dance14-7
September 14Cougars10-12
September 14RIPE15-7
RRI: 2429
Southwest Mixed Regionals
October 11LA Metro10-9
October 11Inferno 11-4
October 11Slow Dance11-4
October 11Cougars6-11
October 11Love Tractor11-2
October 12HumpFreeze11-6
October 12RIPE10-14
RRI: 2374

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