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Club Mixed:

Club Mixed: Chinstrap


Brian Buck6'8
Team Information
City:Boston, MA
Contact:Jonny Luv (jonlarosa at gmail daht com)
Last Modified:September 12, 2008
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Results & Schedule
Mixed Easterns
June 7The Muff 'n Men10-12
June 7JHOP14-10
June 7Gecko13-12
June 7Big Red Death Machine11-9
June 7Slow White-X15-14
June 8Slow White-Y L
June 8Puppet RegimeF-W
June 8Saper Family Cruise---
RRI: 2252
24th Annual Ow My Knee
July 19Jug Handle15-1
July 19BlueREY15-2
July 19Skidmore9-4
July 19Enough Monkeys15-11
July 20Magoozy13-11
July 207Express10-12
July 20Kung Fu Grip14-12
RRI: 2273
White Mountain Swiss
August 2Mobius Striptease15-7
August 2Gratuitous15-8
August 2Full Service15-8
August 2Jiggle the Handle15-14
August 3Grey Till15-8
August 3Enough Monkeys14-10
August 3Gratuitous15-5
RRI: 2336
August 23Gratuitous12-10
August 23White Rhino13-11
August 237Express12-11
August 23Operation Plunder Dome12-10
August 24Chum15-10
August 24Mogwai15-9
August 24Slow White15-17
RRI: 2304
East New England Mixed Sectionals
September 13Puppy Burger15-1
September 13Stack To The Future15-2
September 13Mogwai16-17
September 14S.S. ARG13-7
September 14Tandem9-13
September 14Gratuitous15-5
September 14Mogwai15-11
RRI: 2384
20th Anniversary Red Tide Ultimate Clambake (Mixed)
September 20Dead Reckoning13-6
September 20Quiet Coyote12-15
September 20Abominable13-6
September 20Chowdaheads13-8
RRI: 2340
Northeast Mixed Regionals
October 11Magoozy15-7
October 11Slow White9-14
October 11Jiggle the Handle14-10
October 11Jiggle the Handle14-10
October 11Bashing Pinatas6-13
October 11MONSTER14-13
October 11Kung Fu Grip W
RRI: 2329

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