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Club Open: Medicine Men

Medicine Men

Medicine Men
Team Information
Team-Name:Medicine Men
City:Baltimore/Washington, MD
Contact:Farrell Sullivan: fsullivanjr [AT] comcast [DOT] net
Ryan Vance: rvance1 [AT] towson [DOT] edu
Last Modified:February 28, 2007
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Results & Schedule
Beth Coltman Memorial Tournament
April 19Philly Love15-7
April 19Pike-Y L
April 19Good Fellas W
April 19Wiretap13-12
April 19Colt .4512-9
April 20Pike-X15-13
April 20Pike-Y15-12
RRI: 2420
Cazenovia Ultimate Tournament
June 7Phoenix6-13
June 7Colt .4513-11
June 7Upstate New York9-13
June 7Pike16-17
June 7Wiretap10-13
RRI: 2260
Boston Invitational - Open Division
June 28Grand Trunk14-12
June 28Providence Pack Dogs7-15
June 28Metro Boston Allstars of NewYork16-17
June 28Nor'easter15-10
June 28Colt .4514-15
June 29Philly Love15-11
June 29Red Circus10-13
RRI: 2211
No Borders 2008
July 19Phoenix4-11
July 19Tombstone8-13
July 19Nads13-11
July 19Too Bad12-14
July 20Roy15-8
July 20Grand Trunk17-16
July 20Red Circus15-11
RRI: 2190
Colorado Cup 2008 - Men's Open
August 2YR7-13
August 299 Problems9-13
August 2Prairie Fire6-13
August 2Last Call9-13
August 3Ballerado6-13
August 3Sweet Roll13-10
August 3Rawhide13-6
RRI: 2290
Chesapeake Open 2008
August 16Los12-14
August 16Wiretap11-10
August 16Red Tide13-7
August 16Forge5-13
August 17Colt .4515-8
August 17X-Rates Open11-14
RRI: 2378
Chicago Heavyweight Championships -- Open
September 6SD United8-15
September 6Prairie Fire7-15
September 6Forge14-12
September 6Skeetpocalypse9-13
September 7Phoenix9-15
September 7Rawhide15-10
September 7Ludicrous Speed11-15
RRI: 2319
Capital Open Sectionals
September 27DangerZoneW-F
September 27Stall 1215-7
September 27Virginia Night Train15-9
September 27Big Daddy Callahan15-5
September 28Wiretap12-9
September 28Truck Stop8-15
September 28Wiretap7-12
RRI: 2323
Mid-Atlantic Open Regionals
October 4Roots of Rhythm7-15
October 4Queen City Thunder15-6
October 4Wilmington15-11
October 4Pike10-15
RRI: 2262

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