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Club Open:

Club Open: GOAT


00Shawn Chua5'8
2Sam Kennedy6'3
3Brett Taylor6'1
4Phil Watanabe5'11
5Andrew Parker5'11
6Sam Finkleman6'0
7Graham Withers6'1
8David Janssen5'11
9Scott Nicholls5'8
10Eric St-Amant6'3
15Malcolm Johnston5'11
16Mark Zimmerl6'3
17Lowell Heppner6'3
18Anatoly (Tolya) Vasilyev5'10
20Jeff Lindquist6'0
21Pat Mooney5'9
22Kirk Nylen6'4
24Colin Green6'2
30Jesse Robertson6'2
33Inian Moorthy6'0
38John Hassell6'3
40Tim Chapman-Smith5'9
43Andrew Ouchterlony6'3
53Thomson McKnight5'11
69zachary Saxe5'9
72Taylor Martin6'2
74Dan Fassina6'2
81Adrian Yearwood5'10
89Mark Lloyd6'2
93Steven Tam5'11
99Steve Ficko6'0
Team Information
City:Toronto/Ottawa, ON
Last Modified:June 12, 2007
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Results & Schedule
LiveLogic Texas Shootout
May 3Grit (DU)12-8
May 3Doublewide (X)11-7
May 3Pike11-6
May 3Doublewide (Y)10-6
May 3Johnny Bravo12-13
May 4Doublewide (X)15-10
May 4Johnny Bravo8-15
RRI: 2646
Cazenovia Ultimate Tournament
June 7Mephisto11-10
June 7Burgh13-11
June 7Truck Stop W
June 8New Noise15-9
June 8Bodhi15-7
June 8Ironside12-15
RRI: 2622
Boston Invitational - Open Division
June 28Great Britain Ultimate15-12
June 28Truck Stop14-11
June 28Machine14-11
June 29Bodhi12-10
June 29PoNY12-11
June 29Ironside10-15
RRI: 2667
Chesapeake Open 2008
August 16Truck Stop15-9
August 16BAT13-8
August 16Johnny Bravo11-13
August 16Ring of Fire14-11
August 17Roots of Rhythm14-9
August 17Sub Zero7-10
August 17Ronin10-12
RRI: 2640
Labor Day Ultimate Championships
August 30Revolver13-14
August 30Chain Lightning11-15
August 30Ring of Fire13-11
August 30Condors9-12
August 31PoNY14-10
August 31Doublewide W
RRI: 2648
Upstate New York Open Sectionals
September 20Medicare11-7
September 20Chess Club11-1
September 20Zebra Muscles11-4
September 20Torontula11-1
September 21Too Bad15-7
September 21Phoenix15-10
RRI: 2484
Northeast Open Regionals, DivI
October 11Montreal Open14-4
October 11Militia15-3
October 11Red Tide15-9
October 11Bodhi14-9
October 12Ironside8-15
October 12Bodhi14-7
RRI: 2643
2008 UPA Club Ultimate Championships
October 30El Diablo15-10
October 30Doublewide15-9
October 30Sockeye13-15
October 31Ironside11-15
October 31Jam8-15
October 31Sub Zero15-12
November 1Chain Lightning8-15
November 1Ring of Fire15-12
November 1Revolver9-13
RRI: 2664

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