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College Women's:

College Women's: Michigan


2Cassie Rondel5'4Gr
3Liz Shy5'7So
5Sarah Rutherford5'2So
6Sarah Griffith5'5Sr
7Sarah Hayosh5'6Sr
9Nelly Turley5'10Jr
10Jenny Chan5'2Sr
11Becky Malinowski5'11Fr
12Courtney Kolb5'6Sr
14Sam Worzalla5'6Gr
16Helen Huang5'8Gr
17Tamara Convertino-Waage5'3Gr
20Julia Weinert5'7Gr
21Sarah Buranskas5'8So
23Emily Baecher5'7Jr
29Maggie Griffin5'9Sr
33Anna Maria Paruk5'2Fr
48Katka Bodova5'6Gr
82Sara Johnson5'4Gr
Team Information
Team Name:Flywheel
City:Ann Arbor, MI
Contact:flycc AT umich DOT edu
Last Modified:March 8, 2007
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Results & Schedule
January 19Indiana11-1
January 19Northwestern11-0
January 19Michigan State11-3
January 19Central Michigan11-0
January 20Indiana7-3
January 20Northwestern11-0
January 20Ohio8-1
Queen City Tune Up
February 9Penn State13-3
February 9North Carolina-B13-1
February 9Georgia13-3
February 9Wake Forest13-8
February 10Davidson15-4
February 10North Carolina3-10
RRI: 2730
Texas Throwdown
February 23Wisconsin10-13
February 23Texas13-4
February 23Illinois13-3
February 23Truman State11-10
February 23Wisconsin10-15
February 24Indiana13-1
February 24St Louis13-7
RRI: 2650
Women's College Terminus
March 15Wisconsin-Eau Claire15-4
RRI: 3147
March 22Carleton College13-9
March 22Wake Forest13-10
March 22Western Washington13-6
March 22British Columbia2-13
March 23North County-A10-11
March 23Oregon L
March 23DartmouthW-F
RRI: 2554
Michigan Women's Sectionals
April 12Kalamazoo College13-0
April 12Central Michigan13-0
April 12Michigan-B13-2
April 12Michigan State13-2
April 13Michigan State15-5
RRI: 2681
Great Lakes Women's Regionals
April 26Ohio13-2
April 26Case Western Reserve13-1
April 26Indiana13-4
April 26Michigan State15-2
April 27Illinois15-3
RRI: 2978
2008 UPA College Women's Championships
May 16Maryland15-4
May 16North Carolina15-5
May 16UCLA11-15
May 16Wake Forest15-13
May 16British Columbia8-15
RRI: 2623
OSU Fall Brawl
October 18Wooster13-5
October 18Ohio12-3
October 18Case Western Reserve8-6
October 18Indiana13-1
October 18Virginia Tech13-1
October 18James Madison15-5
October 18Tennessee15-4
October 19Case Western Reserve11-8
RRI: 2700
Missouri Loves Company V
November 15Luther11-5
November 15Texas A & M W
November 15Texas11-0
November 15Truman State W
November 16Iowa13-1
November 16Illinois-Chicago13-2
November 16Wisconsin-Eau Claire8-7
November 16St Louis10-9
RRI: 2757
Women's College Centex 2009
March 28
Austin, TX

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