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College Open:

College Open: Princeton


00Tomi "Shortbus" Herceg6'2Sr
Anh NguyenSo
Peter TzengSo
3Sam ChenSo
4Mark "Come On!" LimperisJr
6Brian "Brain" Michal5'11Jr
10Peter "I wanna take you to the" DunbarJr
11James "Abe" Yan6'1Sr
12Miheer "Miwhere?" MhatreSo
14Forrester "Taint" Cole6'2Gr
15Travis "Swallows" FaustSo
20Mykel Kulkarni5'9Sr
21Peter Ketchum-Colwill6'1Sr
22Mik Breiterman-LoaderSr
22Adam Hugh5'9Sr
23Adam "Daisy" RosenthalSo
27Dan MaySo
32Brandon "Ding Bang" Szeto5'9Sr
34Norman "Alka-Seltzer" YuSo
40Matt "Harry Potter" Cheng5'9Sr
42David GibbsJr
55Andrew "Bootman" BergmanSo
69Isaiah UsherSo
88Elias "Scabies" Sanchez-EpplerSo
Team Information
Team Name:Clockwork Orange
City:Princeton, NJ
Last Modified:May 8, 2008
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Results & Schedule
Huck of the Irish 2008
March 8George Mason8-1
March 9Indiana14-13
March 9George Washington9-12
March 9Massachusetts7-10
March 9Swarthmore7-5
RRI: 2808
College Southerns
March 22North Carolina-Wilmington2-13
March 22Valdosta State13-7
March 22Towson13-6
March 22Emory11-12
March 23Florida-B9-8
March 23Wake Forest13-6
March 23LSU12-8
March 23Wisconsin-B11-4
RRI: 2802
Roll Call, D.C.
March 29North Park13-12
March 29Northwestern10-11
March 29Salisbury11-6
March 29Carnegie-Mellon13-7
March 30Hofstra12-9
March 30Richmond11-9
March 30Carleton University10-11
March 30Swarthmore8-3
RRI: 3049
NJ/Metro NY Open Sectionals
April 12Adelphi13-0
April 12Vassar-B13-1
April 12College of New Jersey13-10
April 12NYU9-4
April 12Rutgers15-6
April 13Hofstra15-8
April 13Vassar12-7
RRI: 3061
Metro East Open Regionals
April 26Cornell15-13
April 26Pittsburgh2-15
April 26Bucknell14-13
April 26Edinboro9-15
RRI: 3154
Jared Hirsch Memorial Tournament
September 20Columbia15-13
September 20College of New Jersey11-10
September 20George Washington9-11
September 20Bucknell13-12
September 20College of New Jersey14-6
September 21Pittsburgh12-14
September 21Lehigh9-12
RRI: 2977
Space Bastard BroDown
October 11Columbia HS7-12
October 11Johns Hopkins13-4
October 11Millersville13-7
October 11Delaware X13-4
October 11American13-12
October 11Georgetown8-15
RRI: 2789
Delaware SHOWdown
October 25Syracuse8-6
October 25Penn State3-13
October 25Drexel10-8
October 25Delaware6-10
October 26SUNY-Stony Brook12-10
October 26Queens-Kingston13-11
October 26Penn State9-15
October 26Pennsylvania---
RRI: 2891
Colonial Ultimate Frisbee Festival
November 15George Washington Alumni10-8
November 15Boston College10-13
November 15George Washington3-7
November 16Duke6-11
November 16Maryland-X9-13
November 16Boston College3-6
RRI: 2788

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