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College Open:

College Open: Reed


00Sasha Nemchonok5'11So
Josh O'Rourke5'10So
Andrew Winterman5'10Fr
1Joe Hand5'11So
6Bryson "Starfox" Uhrig-Fox6'1Fr
7Ian "Fish" Fisher6'2Sr
9Russell "Cupcake" Mayhew5'10Fr
12Duncan Kochhar-Lindgren5'9Sr
16Andrei Stephens5'10Jr
19Christian Anayas5'7So
20Aaron "Simba" Paul5'11Jr
23Tom Chartrand5'9So
24Ari Leventhal5'10Sr
25Hayes "Helmet" Ingraham5'11Sr
36Rami Bridge5'8Jr
42Matt Koren5'11Sr
44David Jackson5'10So
86Tom "Grizzly" Mosier6'1Jr
Team Information
Team Name:Berserk
City:Portland, OR
Web:,, or
Comments:Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women.
Last Modified:May 29, 2007
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Results & Schedule
Stanford Qualifier
March 1Washington4-13
March 1Oregon State3-13
March 1Santa Clara13-10
March 1UCLA-B W
March 2Gonzaga8-13
March 2Chico State13-6
RRI: 2629
March 15Washington5-13
March 15Oregon-B8-13
March 15Oregon State9-13
March 15Victoria L
March 15South Eugene HS OPEN13-4
March 15Washington State13-8
March 16Pacific Lutheran6-13
RRI: 2363
Oregon/NorCal Open Sectionals
April 12Oregon3-13
April 12Linfield13-6
April 12Lewis & Clark12-10
April 12Chico State13-8
April 12Humboldt State13-15
April 13Lewis & Clark11-15
RRI: 2622
D-III Nationals - 2008
May 24Carleton College-GOP4-11
May 24Case Western Reserve9-11
May 24Worcester Polytech10-11
May 24Earlham13-9
May 24Salisbury13-7
May 24Case Western Reserve11-8
RRI: 2586
November 8Western Washington-Az10-5
November 8Pacific11-5
November 8Seattle Academy11-6
November 8Oregon-Y7-11
November 8Puget Sound Y11-4
November 8Oregon-X15-14
November 8Lewis & Clark12-10
November 8Whitman-Alum6-13
RRI: 2710
Oregon Fall Ultimate Disc Games (OFUDG)
November 22Oregon-Y13-6
November 22Washington-Y7-13
November 22Western Washington Y7-13
November 22South Eugene13-10
November 22Puget Sound X---
RRI: 2855

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