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Club Open: CorkJuice (East)

CorkJuice (East)

CorkJuice (East)
Van de Wege
Darin "pops" Dadler
"Big Dipper" Doyle
Jon "Miller Time" Miller
Dutch Sausage0'8
=PKaiser Shen5'11
4lucky luc 5'10
6Sully 5'11
58Teej 6'0
Team Information
Team-Name:CorkJuice (East)
City:Kalamazoo, MI
Contact:Greg Isom (West):

Joe Sully (East)

Comments: Look for this team to rally around the memory of its legendary teammate, Jeff Organesiac. Almost a decade ago Jeff was ranked either 4th or 6th in the world, at ultimate, until a car crash sidelined him. Around 2005 he tried to make his return but was not quite at the level he once was. Crestfallen, embarrassed and naked, Jeff left and hasn't been seen on the field since.

Now as an inspiration to all, CorkJuice and company will always play for the Organesiac. Even other teams, such as Blumpkin, told Cork they remembered J.O. The Jangler recalls his experience when Jeff was watching Blumpkin vs. Roy at No Surf and picked Jangler as a fantasy player. "It was the greatest game of my life, I swear, we were all possessed by his (J.O.'s) presence." Other members of Blumpkin were also affected by Jeff being there; When he was on the line waiting for the pull, Retski got airborne when he spun his penis around helicopter style; Tree had the fire burning on universe point when he ripped the disc out of the opponents hands for the winning turnover."

NEWS: Yes, CorkJuice is back although an official split has divided the team into two equal parts. Cork Juice East is based in MI while the West squad (aka Thompson High) is based near Portland OR. Will they and the spirit of Jeff Organesiac touch you?

Facebook Group: CorkJuice Ultimate
Interested players email contacts above.
Last Modified:September 18, 2008
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Results & Schedule
Motown Throwdown 08 - Open
July 26Madcow10-14
July 26Too Bad14-8
July 26Haymaker7-13
July 26BAT3-14
July 27Impulse8-15
July 27Jawbone15-12
July 27Grand Trunk8-15
July 27Fossil FuelF-W
RRI: 2125
Michigan Open Sectionals
September 20Grand Valley State11-3
September 20Calvin Ultimate Burning BladesW-F
September 20Hasselhoff-0811-2
September 20Bangerang11-0
September 20Fossil Fuel11-8
September 20MagnUM - 08F-W
September 21MagnUM - 0811-10
September 21BAT8-15
RRI: 2183

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