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Club Open:

Club Open: Los


00Michael Cochran
1John Sakon
2Thomas Sayre-McCord
3Andrew Ryan
5Ray Parrish
6Christoper Corcoran
7James Murray
10Jonathan Brodhag
11George Guthrie
12Adam Holland
13Baker Pratt6'6
16Jeff Martin
17John Gill6'3
20Michael DeNardis5'9
21Jason Rome
22Lucas Darden6'0
24Micah Hood
25Steve Ridgill
33Eric Kirkham
37Grant Gill5'9
41James Loberg
42Mat Thomas5'10
44Josh Murphy
45Clay Thomas6'0
51Nate Hood
66Paul Damer5'11
77Stephen Panasci
87Rob Sayre-McCord
99Paul Weeks5'11
Team Information
City:Chapel Hill, NC
Last Modified:August 22, 2007
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Los Y
Results & Schedule
3rd Annual Los 1-Day Round-Robin Classic
June 15Wilmington7-11
June 15Queen City Thunder15-4
June 15Boneyard13-9
June 15X-Rates Open12-10
June 15Floodwall15-3
RRI: 2422
Queen City Tune-Up (Club edition)
July 19Wilmington13-11
July 19GreenMan13-10
July 19Old 'N' Busted13-4
July 19Madcow13-14
July 20El Diablo15-12
July 20Ring of Fire10-15
RRI: 2459
Furniture City Shootout
August 2Pike11-6
August 2Floodwall13-6
August 2Boneyard13-6
August 2X-Rates Open13-6
August 3Iron Men15-11
August 3Ring Y5-15
RRI: 2515
Chesapeake Open 2008
August 16Medicine Men14-12
August 16Red Tide13-4
August 16Wiretap13-5
August 16Bodhi6-13
August 17Chain Lightning9-15
August 17Johnny Bravo13-15
RRI: 2524
Chicago Heavyweight Championships -- Open
September 6Pike8-15
September 6BAT14-13
September 6Machine5-11
September 6Sons of Liberty14-13
September 7Sub Zero9-15
September 7Prairie Fire9-13
September 7SD United13-11
RRI: 2415
North Carolina Open Sectionals
September 20Big Fat Bomb15-4
September 20X-Rates15-4
September 20X-Rates Open15-11
September 21Ring of Fire11-13
September 21X-Rates OpenF-W
RRI: 2504
Mid-Atlantic Open Regionals
October 4Philly Love15-6
October 4Pike15-6
October 4Truck Stop8-15
October 5X-Rates Open15-10
October 5Forge15-8
October 5Truck Stop12-14
RRI: 2554

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