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Club Mixed:

Club Mixed: Big Red Death Machine

Big Red Death Machine

Big Red Death Machine
Team Information
Team-Name:Big Red Death Machine
City:Washington, DC
Contact:Rob Luhrs
Last Modified:September 18, 2005
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Results & Schedule
Beth Coltman Memorial
April 217Express12-9
April 21Cheburashka12-10
April 21Fission15-6
April 21AMP3-15
April 22Huckleberries15-3
April 22Germ Circus13-10
RRI: 2202
Bell Crack Co-Ed Classic
May 19Sobo Sluts15-8
May 19Fission15-8
May 19Top of the Food Chain15-0
May 19Crafty7-15
May 20Jug Handle10-12
May 20Not so Germ Circus15-13
May 20The Muff 'n Men15-9
RRI: 2159
Mixed Easterns
June 2Bytown Flatball Club2-15
June 2NYNJA9-13
June 2Stack To The Future15-2
June 2Mauvaises Herbes Ultimate Club6-15
June 3Grey Till11-10
June 3The Muff 'n Men12-8
June 3Beer Pool All-Stars10-13
RRI: 2042
Philly Sportsfest
July 147Express8-11
July 14Hustlers9-15
July 14SEPDA12-13
July 15NYNJA7-10
July 15Cheburashka11-10
July 15The Muff 'n Men11-9
RRI: 2086
2007 Glazed Daze Summer Edition
August 11Axis of C'ville5-10
August 11Keel Haul9-10
August 11TAU3-9
August 11Olio10-6
August 11Team Teamwork13-8
August 12Hustlers13-9
August 12Olio7-15
RRI: 2142
Chesapeake Open
August 25TAU12-14
August 25Tandem4-13
August 25Bashing Pinatas4-13
August 25Delmarvelous6-15
August 26AMP4-13
August 26Filibuster High Gavel Bangers9-13
RRI: 2074
Capital Mixed Sectionals
September 15Fat Hammer9-7
September 15Filibuster High Gavel Bangers5-11
September 15YHB Dragon Slayers13-2
September 15SkyHawk Ultimate Club13-3
September 16Axis of C'ville5-15
September 16Filibuster High Gavel Bangers7-14
RRI: 2039
Mid-Atlantic Mixed Regionals
October 6Matt Pippin and the Chumps16-15
October 6Axis of C'ville9-14
October 6Germ Circus13-12
October 6Olio8-11
RRI: 2179

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