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Club Women's:

Club Women's: Slackjaw


Brookie Babineau (Coach)
Ethan Schlenker (Coach)
2Mary Lyn Stein
4Vi Le
5Katie Berk
6Ruth Emerson
7Ness Fajardo
8Liz Cassel
10Michelle Ng
11Christina Contreras
13Cree Howard
14Cristina "Eppie" Buss
15Megan Andrews
17Danielle "Dani" Manning
19Amanda Leahy
20Liz Gannes
21Abby Christopher
22Natalie "NatWu" Wu
23Brittany Smith
24Darragh Clancy
26Korin Lee
28Kyna Fong
33Sarah "Scoops" Welch
41Yelena Gorlin
85Lillian Berla
88Jen Hong
Team Information
City:Bay Area, CA
Contact:Michelle Ng, Katie Berk, Cristina Buss: BayAreaSection (at) gmail dot com
Last Modified:July 9, 2007
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Results & Schedule
Cal States
June 2Fury2-15
June 2Traffic7-15
June 2Lady Condors15-11
June 2TrafficW-F
June 3Safari7-15
June 3LA Women15-5
RRI: 2739
Summer Solstice XXIX
June 23Schwa6-15
June 23Riot L
June 23Mucho Gusto15-6
June 23Pink Pajamas11-13
June 23OWUT15-4
June 23Riot L
June 24Pink Pajamas15-5
RRI: 2745
Colorado Cup 2007 - Women's Elite
August 4Ozone4-15
August 4Ambush15-11
August 4íViva!11-12
August 4Nemesis11-10
August 4Ambush---
August 5Rare Air10-12
August 5Safari L
August 5Rare Air10-11
RRI: 2695
Emerald City Classic
August 18Riot2-15
August 18Rare Air6-14
August 18íViva!8-15
August 19Rare Air5-9
August 19Box6-11
August 19Box11-8
August 19Traffic5-15
RRI: 2607
Northern California Women's Sectionals
September 16Fury3-13
September 16Zeitgeist5-12
September 16Pie Queens13-3
September 16Bay Area Women's Ultimate13-3
RRI: 2685
Northwest Women's Regionals
September 29Riot5-13
September 29Zeitgeist6-12
September 29Schwa15-8
September 30Churchill 200715-1
September 30Traffic10-13
September 30SchwaW-F
RRI: 2895

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