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College Women's:

College Women's: Florida


1Megan Magee5'10Sr
3Lisa Holder5'6Gr
4Laura Thayer5'6So
5Noemi Toth5'7Sr
7Sarah Minkoff5'6Jr
8Kristen Lamm5'6Jr
9Clare Rittschof5'6Gr
10Cari Hovanec5'4So
12Stacy Lundstedt5'5So
16Emily New5'4So
19Joanna Neville5'6Gr
20Shirlene Sze5'5Jr
21Leala Biazar5'8Sr
22Jackie Feil5'6Jr
24Carly Litzenberger5'5Sr
26Alexa Dix5'6Sr
33Allison Walford6'3Fr
42Britta Jones5'7So
44Lisa Bosley5'6So
45Christine Lynch5'3Fr
55Audrey Dickinson5'4Jr
66Cathy Marshall5'6Sr
77Camille Beasley5'5Fr
Team Information
Team Name:FUEL (Florida Ultimate Elite Ladies)
City:Gainesville, FL
Contact:If you are interested or have questions please contact us at:
(Women's Univ of Florida Club Team)
Last Modified:November 7, 2005
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Results & Schedule
Trouble in Vegas
February 9California9-8
February 9Oregon10-7
February 9Western Washington9-6
February 10Texas10-7
February 10UCLA12-10
February 10Tufts8-3
February 11California-Santa Barbara6-5
February 11California6-10
February 11Wisconsin5-9
RRI: 2575
College Southerns
March 17Illinois12-8
March 17NYU13-5
March 17Virginia12-6
March 17North Carolina State12-9
March 17Cornell13-6
March 18Notre Dame13-5
March 18Wake Forest13-7
March 18North Carolina State11-7
RRI: 2484
March 24Truman State13-6
March 24California-San Diego13-7
March 24California-Santa Barbara8-13
March 24Colorado L
March 24California-San Diego10-13
March 25Truman State13-7
RRI: 2538
South Women's Sectionals
April 14Georgia12-13
April 14South Carolina13-5
April 14Emory13-4
April 14Georgia Tech13-5
RRI: 2378
Atlantic Coast Women's Regionals
April 28Davidson15-7
April 28Appalachian State15-5
April 28Mary Washington15-9
April 28North Carolina14-8
April 29Emory10-12
April 29Georgia13-11
RRI: 2194
2007 UPA College Women's Championships
May 25California-Santa Barbara8-15
May 25Stanford9-15
May 25Northwestern13-15
May 26Truman State15-11
May 26Delaware11-13
May 26Emory15-4
RRI: 2353
Classic City Classic
December 1North Carolina3-10
December 1Georgia5-11
December 1UT - Knoxville6-5
December 1Texas3-10
December 1Tennessee6-5
December 2Auburn1-11
December 2Wisconsin1-11
December 2North Carolina State5-8
RRI: 1937
Florida Winter Classic
January 26
Gainesville, FL

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