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Club Open:

Club Open: New Noise

New Noise

New Noise
0Dana Grandoni
1Shawn Miller6'0
2Brent Anderson
3Phillip Roebuck
4Charlie Upton
5Michael Gastaldo6'3
6Tyler Auer
7Rick Richter6'0
9Micah Flynn
12Dave Thome
15Derek Chawalit5'10
16Cimarron Wortham
17Roy Hodgman6'0
18Ian Darling
19Zach Browne
20Palmer Moore
21Steven Mesite5'10
22Dave Lipson
24Jeff Listfield
26Owen Westbrook
27Joseph Shapiro
32Brian Cullinan
42Adam Johnston
56Joe Costello
76Dang Khoa Dang5'9
80Zirui Song
88James Russell
99 Pi
Team Information
Team-Name:New Noise
City:Boston, MA
Contact:Brian Cullinan:
Comments:How can we expect anyone to listen
if we are using the same old voice?
We need New Noise!
Last Modified:June 8, 2007
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Results & Schedule
White Mountain Open
May 19Boston Ultimate X7-13
May 19GLUM9-13
May 19Red Tide12-10
May 19Gunslingers13-4
May 19KooB13-8
May 19Boston Ultimate Y7-15
May 20Chuck Wagon13-5
RRI: 2397
Cazenovia Ultimate Tournament 2007
June 2Chuck Wagon9-12
June 2Jawbone13-0
June 2HOV12-13
June 2Phoenix13-11
June 3Red Tide14-13
June 3Chuck Wagon9-12
June 3Medicine Men7-2
RRI: 2306
Boston Invitational(Open Elite & Easterns)
June 23Colt .4515-12
June 23Red Tide12-13
June 23Mephisto12-11
June 23Pike14-15
June 23Phoenix15-9
June 23Big Ego Ultimate15-14
June 23HOV15-3
RRI: 2397
Nucci's Cup
August 4Metro Boston Allstars of New Yor14-12
August 4Medicine Men15-11
August 4Pennsbury Peyote15-4
August 4AC/DC15-6
August 4Garden State15-10
August 4HOV17-11
August 5Roots of Rhythm15-11
RRI: 2341
Chesapeake Open
August 25E-95 Warriors13-11
August 25HOV13-10
August 25Medicine Men13-7
August 25Gunslingers13-8
August 26Clapham Ultimate10-15
August 26Pike7-15
RRI: 2382
East New England Open Sectionals Division 1
September 22Run Silent, Run Deep15-7
September 22Savage Strike15-10
September 22Boston Ultimate8-15
September 23Big Ego Ultimate12-11
September 23Boston Ultimate7-15
September 23Big Ego Ultimate---
RRI: 2322
Northeast Open Div I Regionals
October 6Metro Boston Allstars of New Yor15-3
October 6Chuck Wagon15-9
October 6GOAT7-15
October 7Red Tide15-13
October 7PoNY3-15
RRI: 2353

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