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Club Open:

Club Open: Red Tide

Red Tide

Red Tide
Andy Aikens
00Saas Gerhard
Dave Kallin
Caleb Mitchell
Kevin Sturtevant
Aaron Tardiff
0Will Ward
1Todd (Ster) Metcalf
2Mike Leding
4Domrad Joe
6Bill Rasmovich
8Mark Tardiff
9Quint Jason
11Troy Goddu
12Batchelor Jason
13Jeremy (Emu) Foster
15Mears Stacy
16Dylan McPhetres
17Young Rich
21Gray Matt
22Fitzgerald Alan
23Morales Alberto
24Joel Thompson
33Ryan (Woody) Woodside
37Bob Doane
44Hebda Tim
52Toby Jacobs
67Jeff (Food) Swayza
88Rafuse Bill
99Shane Froebe
Team Information
Team-Name:Red Tide
City:Portland, ME
Contact:Mike Leding (
Troy Goddu (
Comments:Roll Tide!
Last Modified:August 1, 2007
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Red Tide B
Results & Schedule
White Mountain Open
May 19Gunslingers13-8
May 19Boston Ultimate X5-13
May 19GLUM12-10
May 19New Noise10-12
May 20Colt .4513-15
RRI: 2282
Cazenovia Ultimate Tournament 2007
June 2Medicine Men9-13
June 2Phoenix13-10
June 2Brooklyn13-5
June 2Zebra Muscles7-10
June 2HOV9-13
June 3New Noise13-14
RRI: 2248
Boston Invitational(Open Elite & Easterns)
June 23Mephisto8-13
June 23New Noise13-12
June 23Colt .4514-8
June 23Magma14-13
June 23Chuck Wagon14-10
June 24Red Circus12-15
June 24Club Team-X13-15
RRI: 2231
Chicago Heavyweight Championships (CHC) 2007(Open)
September 8Haymaker1-13
September 8Liquid Assets10-12
September 8Rawhide12-9
September 8LouEVIL8-13
September 8SD United5-13
September 9Los7-11
September 9Sir Duke11-15
RRI: 2137
East New England Open Sectionals Division 1
September 22Big Ego Ultimate7-13
September 22Gunslingers13-6
September 22Tufts U Club13-2
September 22Bowdoin College Stoned Clown13-8
September 23Boston Ultimate6-15
September 23Big Ego Ultimate12-15
RRI: 2420
Red Tide Clambake
September 29Red Tide B15-6
September 29yEUTH-ANd-Age-SIA15-7
September 30Jerk Factory15-13
September 30Chuck Wagon16-15
September 30Harvard12-15
RRI: 2268
Northeast Open Div I Regionals
October 6Colt .4515-10
October 6Boston Ultimate8-15
October 6Club Team-X15-8
October 6Zebra Muscles15-10
October 7New Noise13-15
RRI: 2371

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