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Club Open:

Club Open: Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire
0Zach Washburn6'5
1Datubo Benson-Jaja6'3
2Pat McNally6'0
3Ryan Coffield5'11
5Taylor Pope6'5
6Jason Cade6'1
7Thomas Ward6'0
8Alexander Hartwiger6'1
9Kris Bass5'8
10Mike Moore6'0
11Brian Lang6'0
12Jared Inselmann6'4
14Stephen Poulos6'1
16Brian Lowther6'5
17Chris Hinkle6'1
18David Snoke5'11
22Robbye Brooks6'0
27Joey Connely6'1
32Josh Berkowitz6'3
37Jack Galloway6'0
41Tully Beatty5'10
Team Information
Team-Name:Ring of Fire
City:Raleigh, NC
Last Modified:March 30, 2004
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Results & Schedule
Queen City: Club Open Edition
July 14El Diablo15-7
July 14Columbia W
July 14E-95 Warriors W
July 14Chain Lightning15-13
July 14Floodwall W
July 14E-95 Warriors15-5
July 15Chain Lightning15-6
RRI: 2773
Emerald City Classic
August 18Johnny Bravo11-15
August 18Sockeye7-15
August 18Boston Ultimate11-15
August 18Rhino15-7
August 19Jam13-15
August 19Boston Ultimate W
August 19Voodoo15-7
RRI: 2700
Chesapeake Open
August 25GOAT10-12
August 25Pike13-7
August 25Clapham Ultimate13-7
August 25BAT12-13
August 26Boston Ultimate15-12
August 26Truck Stop14-10
August 26GOAT12-15
RRI: 2660
North Carolina Open Sectionals
September 22G.U.M.13-0
September 22North Carolina State13-3
September 22Boneyard13-8
September 22East Carolina13-0
September 22E-95 Warriors13-5
September 23GreenMan13-3
September 23Los13-9
RRI: 2616
Mid-Atlantic Open Regionals
September 29Floodwall W
September 29Sir Duke15-5
September 29Burgh15-8
September 30Truck Stop15-8
RRI: 2765
2007 UPA Club Ultimate Championships
October 25Jam11-15
October 25GOAT12-15
October 25The Van Buren Boys15-12
October 26Doublewide15-14
October 26Machine15-5
October 26Boston Ultimate9-15
October 27Furious George11-15
October 27Machine15-9
RRI: 2636

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