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Club Open:

Club Open: Sub Zero

Sub Zero

Sub Zero
1Jamison Beek6'1
2Mark Schmelzle6'2
3Jack Marsh5'11
4Geo Beek6'1
5Dan Heijmen5'11
6Jimmy Foster6'3
7Kevin Riley6'0
8Will Lokke6'0
9Andy Dikeman6'1
11Andrew Brown6'1
12Dave Truesdale5'10
13Pat Baylis5'9
16John Sandahl6'2
17Dan McAdam6'0
18Jeremy Allred6'1
19Shane Hohenstein6'2
20Pat Corneille6'1
21Drew Mahowald6'2
22Jerome Potter6'0
23Jeff Anderson5'11
24Charlie Reznikoff5'11
25Todd Owens6'3
32Sam Kanner6'0
37John Chandler6'5
81Brandon Malecek5'11
93Kyle Gill6'0
Team Information
Team-Name:Sub Zero
City:Twin Cities, MN
Contact:Andrew Brown
Andy Dikeman
Dave Truesdale
Charlie Reznikoff
Last Modified:June 29, 2007
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Results & Schedule
Minneapolis Ultimate Disc Invitational (MUDI) Open 2007
July 21Udderburn13-0
July 21Climax13-3
July 21Goose Egg13-8
July 21Minnesota (Open)13-2
July 22Blerge13-0
July 22General Strike13-7
July 22The Van Buren Boys13-9
RRI: 2623
Colorado Cup 2007 - Men's Elite
August 4Johnny Bravo10-14
August 4Truck Stop15-10
August 4Boston Ultimate15-9
August 4Machine15-7
August 5Jam12-14
August 5Condors15-14
August 5Revolver14-10
RRI: 2756
Emerald City Classic
August 18Furious George9-15
August 18Chain Lightning14-13
August 18Voodoo15-8
August 18Revolver15-11
August 19Buzz Bullets12-15
August 19Sockeye11-15
August 19Furious GeorgeW-F
RRI: 2688
Chicago Heavyweight Championships (CHC) 2007(Open)
September 8SD United13-6
September 8Mad Hatters13-4
September 8PoNY12-8
September 8BAT12-10
September 8Madcow12-8
September 9The Van Buren Boys11-9
September 9Machine14-9
September 9GOAT10-14
RRI: 2659
Northwest Plains Open Sectionals
September 22CUT17-6
September 22Goose Egg17-5
September 22DingWop15-5
September 23Front Line15-4
RRI: 2748
Central Open Regionals
October 6Machine11-5
October 6Illinois12-7
October 6The Van Buren Boys11-3
October 6DingWop11-3
October 6Rawhide11-1
October 7Hustle11-2
October 7BAT15-5
October 7Machine15-7
RRI: 2905
2007 UPA Club Ultimate Championships
October 25Chain Lightning9-15
October 25Truck Stop15-10
October 25Furious George16-14
October 25Sockeye6-15
October 26Boston Ultimate15-10
October 27Jam12-15
October 27Truck Stop11-13
October 27Chain Lightning---
RRI: 2653

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