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College Open:

College Open: Kalamazoo


00Leviathon "7-11" "The Tree" "Hurt the Earth" Harold7'11Sr
Whom we will never forget zz Our Fallen Comrads...
2Jacob "The Jeweler" Meyers5'10Sr
3Brendon "Twinkletoes" Schramm6'3So
4Jon "John" zzKamm6'0Gr
5Matt "Hoosier" Vazquez6'1So
6Tim "Future Tower"; "Stretch" zzHarlan-Marks "the Hyphen"6'0Gr
7Bengt "Dessert Dish" Apelgren5'11So
8Alex "wheels" Wheelwright6'3Sr
9Marc "Speedo" Korn6'0Jr
10Matt "Dark Horse" Remsen6'1So
11Gregorian Chant zzAerni6'1Gr
13Alistair "Mrs. White" "The Future" Chan6'1So
14Tom "Just Red" "nudes" Nudell6'1Jr
15Will "Mr. Baggins"; "Night Games" Watts6'0Jr
17Aaron "Carter" Cartterfield5'10So
18Katy "one of the boys" Iglehart5'7So
19Robert William "The Diesel" Hogg5'10Jr
21"Dr." Matt "Puppy" zzLove6'2Gr
23Stephen "Lazy Susan" Pitcairn6'2So
24Alex "The Constant" Gardner6'2So
29Sam "Colonel Mustard"; "Scurvy Dog" Pepe5'6Sr
34Kyle "Wooly Bully" zzShelton6'3Gr
36Smokey "Nate" zzMeernik5'10Gr
38Chris "Glutton" zzLee3'8Gr
42Russell "Danger"; "Autumnal"; "Mr. Green"; "The Wind" Becker5'10Jr
47Ian "6-11" "Gondor" "Awesome" Lawson "Thor"6'11So
48Matt "Boy Howdy" zzRobshaw6'0Gr
55Sam"wise" "Who's on first?" Yoo5'10So
83Mike "Franchise" zzMartin6'1Gr
98Thomas "Velma" Gilchrist5'9So
Team Information
Team Name:The Ultimate Buzz
City:Kalamazoo, MI
Contact:Jacob 'the jeweler' Meyers:
Zaide Pixley
Unabashedly the best looking team in the UPA.
Last Modified:October 17, 2007
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Results & Schedule
March 31Notre Dame-B13-2
March 31Central Michigan-B13-0
March 31Oberlin13-7
March 31Michigan State8-13
April 1TorontoW-F
April 1Michigan6-13
Michigan Open Sectionals
April 7Toronto12-13
April 7Albion15-4
April 7Michigan-B215-6
April 8Central Michigan15-8
April 8Michigan State9-15
April 8Calvin15-9
April 8Toronto15-7
RRI: 2334
Great Lakes Open Regionals
April 28Miami (Ohio)9-15
April 28Wheaton (Illinois)8-15
April 28Dayton9-15
April 28Chicago11-7
RRI: 2072
D-III Nationals
May 26Colgate13-9
May 26Messiah13-10
May 26Lenoir-Rhyne13-7
May 26Rensselaer Polytech13-15
May 27Ohio Northern10-11
May 27Worcester Polytech9-11
RRI: 2246
The Wampus Open
September 22Western Michigan Alumni8-12
September 22Knox College9-2
September 22Northern Illinois7-13
September 22Purdue - X13-5
September 22Michigan State - Y W
September 22Grand Valley W
September 22Western Michigan13-4
RRI: 2200
Hucktoberfest Mixed Division
September 297 and 7 W
September 29Spirit Fowl5-13
September 29Lawrence W
September 29Marquette X6-2
September 29Marquette Y L
September 29Bradley12-2
RRI: 2427
October 7Illinois State2-13
Glory Days 2007 - Open
October 13Wisconsin-Milwaukee11-13
October 13Rose-Hulman12-9
October 13Michigan8-13
October 14Rose-Hulman12-8
October 14Purdue4-13
October 14Grinnell L
RRI: 2126

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