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College Open:

College Open: Western Michigan

Western Michigan

Western Michigan
-5Matt MaygarSr
0Jon PyleJr
1Mike PaeplowJr
2Chris MorrowGr
3Brandon GregoryJr
5Alexander ShippsSo
6Galen Bostain-KentesSr
7Merrill MurphaySo
9Zach TimmonsFr
10Jack MelinnFr
12Jim Van EizengaFr
13Colin PriestSo
14Michael SerotaFr
15Adam Peruski-SmithSo
16Brandon StatfieldFr
19Mya Luz HernandezFr
20Michael McCaffertyFr
21Brian JagerFr
22Tim FisherSo
24Evan EscamillaSr
25Matt Dagher-MargosianGr
26Mark CriderSo
27Josh WhitesellJr
64Brandon WardFr
64Mark WorsfoldFr
69Mark ValzonisFr
96Kevin BurelsonFr
Team Information
School:Western Michigan
Team Name:ZJs
City:Kalamazoo, MI
Contact:Alex Shipps
Brian Jager
Comments:The Newest and best Ultimate club team to hit the midwest. The ZJ's are the next big thing. Like their ancestors(pheonixies), the ZJ's are born from the ashes of the yellowmustard legacy. These kids are here to carve out there own special place in history. Get ready baby. You know your gona love the ZJs
Last Modified:October 22, 2007
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Results & Schedule
Whitesmoke XI
March 24South Bend Club3-13
March 24Purdue6-13
March 24Notre Dame-B10-8
March 25Chicago-B15-6
March 25Valparaiso13-6
March 25Lewis10-13
RRI: 2024
March 31Notre Dame2-13
March 31Toronto5-13
April 3Michigan-B4-15
Michigan Open Sectionals
April 7Michigan-Flint15-3
April 7Michigan State L
April 7Calvin4-15
April 7Michigan-B6-15
RRI: 1902
The Wampus Open
September 22Michigan State-X7-13
September 22Purdue - X8-12
September 22Albion13-10
September 22Northern Illinois13-7
September 22Marquette13-9
September 22Western Michigan Alumni13-10
September 22Kalamazoo4-13
RRI: 2088
Force Freedom
October 6Ohio Wesleyan11-12
October 6Oberlin-B13-4
October 6Wright State13-6
October 6Case Western Reserve13-8
October 7Michigan State13-5
October 7Oberlin11-15
October 7Wright StateW-F
October 7Case Western Reserve9-13
RRI: 2244
North Coast
October 13Oberlin3-15
October 13Wright State15-6
October 13John Carroll15-6
October 13Kenyon7-15
October 13Denison15-6
October 13OberlinF-W
RRI: 2223
October 27Denison-B15-6
October 27Western Kentucky14-9
October 27Belmont14-4
October 27Towson9-11
October 28Towson11-10
October 28Western Kentucky12-10
October 28Grand Valley13-11
October 28Kenyon7-13
November 3Michigan Tech11-5
November 3Grand Valley12-10
November 3Hope College11-5

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