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Club Open:

Club Open: Revolver


00Daniel Bailey
1Chris Ashbrook
2Nan Gao
3Tom James
5Rocky Beach
6Josh Wiseman
7Louis Eisenberg
8Eric Halverson
9Nat Kinsky
10Robbie Cahill
11Nick Handler
12Daryl Nounnan
13Danny Karlinsky
14Mark Sherwood
15Chris McManus
16Ian Ranahan
18Jon Levy
19Ryo Kawaoka
23Mike Payne
33Marc Weinberger
69Jon Moldover
83"Simba" Giorgetti
Team Information
City:Bay Area, CA
Last Modified:October 3, 2006
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Results & Schedule
Cal States
June 3Monster W
June 3Oaks W
June 4PBR Streetgang W
RRI: 2794
June 17Super Best Friends13-8
June 17Furious George9-12
June 17Dark Star15-3
June 17Beef Shark13-11
June 17DingWop W
June 17Rhino7-8
RRI: 2668
Colorado Cup - Men's Elite Division
August 5Rhino15-10
August 5Sack Lunch15-9
August 5Sub Zero11-10
August 5Voodoo15-11
August 6Doublewide15-7
August 6Johnny Bravo9-15
August 6Madison13-10
August 6Johnny Bravo7-15
RRI: 2694
Discos Calientes
August 12Monster W
August 12No Fat Chicks W
August 12YR10-7
August 13Cobra Kai Dojo W
August 13Oaks13-7
RRI: 2627
Labor Day Ultimate Frisbee Championships
September 2Sockeye6-11
September 2Justice League12-13
September 2PBR Streetgang12-9
September 2Voodoo15-9
September 3Condors14-12
September 3Rhino12-15
RRI: 2672
Northern California Open Sectionals
September 23Oaks13-6
September 23Davis Dogz13-1
September 23Berkely Y13-1
September 23YR13-5
September 24Justice League10-13
September 24Oaks13-5
RRI: 2721
Northwest Open Regionals
September 30PTC W
September 30Blackfish15-3
September 30Hippo15-9
September 30Sockeye10-15
October 1Justice League11-8
October 1Rhino14-13
October 1Sockeye11-12
RRI: 2774
2006 UPA Club Championships
October 26Machine15-13
October 26Vicious Cycle16-17
October 26Death or Glory15-13
October 27Rhino8-15
October 27Furious George8-15
October 28Chain Lightning14-16
October 28Ring of FireW-F
October 28Rhino15-11
RRI: 2661

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