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Club Mixed:

Club Mixed: Flycoons


Mark Aagenes
Jesse Adams
Pablo Alvarez
Ryan Applegate
Eric Chase
Daphne Evans
Michael Faris
James Kennedy
Nate McConnell
Sarah Megyesi
Nevin Root
Andy Short
Jenny Shrum
Rick Simmons
Emily Smith
Rebecca Snider
Will Sutton
Russ Talmo
03Eric Rasmussen
15Johnny O'Connor
Team Information
City:Missoula, MT
Contact:Johnny O []
Last Modified:October 3, 2006
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Results & Schedule
Kleinman Eruption (Elite Mixed)
August 5Irish Wristwatch15-6
August 5The Coltrane12-13
August 5PieMo15-4
August 5Brass Monkey12-13
August 6Schadenfreude13-15
RRI: 2390
September 2Bozos13-6
September 2Schadenfreude13-9
September 2Moscow/Logan13-7
September 3PersuaDer15-13
September 3Spontaneous Combustion15-9
September 3Spokane13-11
Big Sky Mixed Sectionals
September 16Tyro13-4
September 16Bozos13-8
September 16Schadenfreude13-10
September 16Dumper13-6
September 16Dumper15-9
September 17Schadenfreude17-10
RRI: 2495
Northwest Mixed Regionals
October 7Good Times!15-7
October 7Joyride15-9
October 7Wagon15-8
October 7Mischief10-15
October 8Plan B15-12
October 8Horse$how13-15
October 8Pocket Rockets W
RRI: 2476
2006 UPA Club Championships
October 26Slow White5-15
October 26Gendors11-15
October 26Rival15-12
October 27íThe Salsa Police!15-7
October 27Puppet Regime15-12
October 27Tandem13-15
October 28Flaming Moe12-15
October 28Mr. Briefcase15-6
RRI: 2492

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