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Club Mixed:

Club Mixed: Flaming Moe

Flaming Moe

Flaming Moe
Jamie Glader6'2
Alicia Hermes5'7
01Joe Abramowski6'10
02Lauren Gloede7'11
03Pat Niles1'9
05Alex Baker5'6
6Becky Bequette6'8
07Jen-ai Akerstrom1'8
09Anna Hagstrom8'3
10Jake Henderson5'5
11Tom Walker3'8
12Beth Everhart7'4
13Shwa Hemmesch5'6
15Moss Stanislaw8'2
16Jeaninja Kooman6'5
17Mike Berseth7'6
20Jeff Everhart7'3
21Dave Klink6'0
22Bjorn Hagstrom8'3
26Guy Pugh5'6
28Louis Abramowski5'9
42Sam Valesano1'4
57Gizmo Steinkraus4'7
74Wade Moravec7'10
91P K4'7
Team Information
Team-Name:Flaming Moe
City:Minneapolis, MN
Contact:Anna Melby: amelby9 (at) yahoo (dot) com
Dave Klink: daveklink (at) gmail (dot) com
Comments:aka Moe, Cake or Death, Yellow Shirt, Team TACO, Grinch's 10 Inches, MOM...
Last Modified:August 20, 2006
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Results & Schedule
2006 Minnesota Ultimate Disc Invitational - MUDI
July 15Lords & Ladies11-1
July 15Soy Nuts11-2
July 15Cutting Crew11-2
July 15New World Love Clan11-3
July 16Optimus Lime13-4
July 16Chaos13-6
July 16Chad Larson Experience15-10
RRI: 2655
August 5Hoot'nanny13-7
August 5Kablammo13-5
August 5Implants13-5
August 5Optimus Lime13-7
August 6Dick and Jane13-1
August 6Como AllumW-F
August 6Seiche13-5
August 6Chad Larson Experience10-13
RRI: 2476
Cooler Classic 18
August 19Soy Nuts13-3
August 19Idiosyncrasy13-5
August 19Munquoi13-9
August 19the Locals13-5
August 20Third Coast13-6
August 20ICE13-7
August 20Chad Larson Experience11-13
RRI: 2540
Chicago Heavyweight Championship-Mixed Division
September 9Pleasuretown13-9
September 9Seiche13-9
September 9Annapolis All-Stars12-8
September 9Slow White10-11
September 10Puppet Regime9-8
September 10Mr. Briefcase14-15
RRI: 2492
Northwest Plains Mixed Sectionals
September 23Hot Dish13-1
September 23Reaction13-5
September 23Hopkins HURT13-1
September 23TFBW-F
September 24íThe Salsa Police!13-7
RRI: 2646
Central Mixed Regionals
October 7GLUE15-7
October 7Hapi Djus15-9
October 7Mr. Briefcase15-8
October 8Chad Larson Experience12-15
October 8Mr. Briefcase13-15
RRI: 2476
2006 UPA Club Championships
October 26Brass Monkey7-15
October 26Mr. Briefcase12-15
October 26Deliverance12-15
October 27Hooray15-10
October 27Bad Larry15-9
October 28Flycoons15-12
October 28Puppet Regime9-5
RRI: 2479

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