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Club Mixed:

Club Mixed: Slow White

Slow White

Slow White
00Chris "Thirsty" Farina
1Teddy "Filthy" Browar-Jarus
2Albert "Twinky" Shiue
3Kris "Gabby" Kelly
6Jasper "Emmy" Hoitsma
7Rosie "Sassy" Ano
8Sean "Slow White" Laing
9Rusty "Rookie" Ingold-Smith
10Mike "Chumpy" Miller
11Evan "Smoothy" Patisteas
13Dan "Tipsy" Patisteas
17Siona "Lucky" O'Flynn
18Kendra "Randy" Frederick
19Kat "Foxy" Neal
20Matt "Muffy" Greytak
21Steve "Ornery" Sullivan
22Carmelo "Klutzy" Pabon
23Megan "Flirty" Schoellhamer
24Chelsea "Busty" Pawlek
26Darlene "Entropy" Ferranti
32Christina "Spacey" Allain
69Adrienne "Punky" Altobelli
86Kevin "Tweety" McCarthy
88Frank "Nasty" Fellone
Team Information
Team-Name:Slow White
City:Boston, MA
Contact:Kris Kelly -
Mike Miller -
Comments:We love stuff.
Last Modified:May 30, 2006
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Slow White-X
Slow White-Y
Results & Schedule
Boston Invitational-Elite Mixed 2006
June 24Kenji15-6
June 24WMD15-7
June 24Gecko15-10
June 24AMP13-15
June 25Harpoon14-5
June 25Camelot14-12
June 25AMP13-15
RRI: 2535
Philly Invite
July 15Running with Scissors13-5
July 15Puppet Regime8-13
July 15Animal13-10
July 15Annapolis All-Stars8-13
July 16AMP15-10
July 16Puppet Regime9-13
RRI: 2409
Ho Lay Cow
August 12FNG13-6
August 12cLoG13-6
August 12Enough Monkeys12-9
August 12Chinstrap12-7
August 13Atomic Shocker15-2
August 13cLoG15-7
August 13Kung Fu Grip13-12
RRI: 2521
August 26White Rhino13-4
August 26Animal13-2
August 26GrassBurner13-5
August 26Gratuitous13-5
August 27Flux15-8
August 27Uncivil Union15-4
August 27Bashing Pinatas15-10
August 27Chinstrap15-14
RRI: 2525
Chicago Heavyweight Championship-Mixed Division
September 9Mr. Briefcase9-13
September 9Soy Nuts15-5
September 9Black Molly13-4
September 9Flaming Moe11-10
September 106 Trained Monkeys10-7
September 10Black Molly11-7
September 10Mr. Briefcase15-13
RRI: 2568
East New England Mixed Sectionals
September 16FNG15-5
September 16White Rhino15-6
September 16Porkchop15-6
September 17Tandem15-6
September 17Chinstrap15-8
RRI: 2605
Northeast Mixed Regionals
October 7Farmington Beavers15-9
October 7Camelot15-5
October 7Bashing Pinatas15-6
October 8Puppet Regime15-9
RRI: 2660
2006 UPA Club Championships
October 26Flycoons15-5
October 26Rival15-9
October 26Gendors15-12
October 27AMP15-10
October 27Mischief13-15
October 28Horse$how15-8
October 28Brass Monkey15-12
October 29Mischief11-15
RRI: 2629

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