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Club Mixed:

Club Mixed: Enough Monkeys

Enough Monkeys

Enough Monkeys
Allison Cameron
Will Davis
Robin Ellison
Steve Gaughan
Alan Gofberg
Mark Hansen
Sam Harvey
Rodney Jacobson
Bozeman Jim
Ryan Kane
Anna Kehler
Steve Kenton
John McBride
Emily Newick
Christine Palmer
Kristina Schultz
James Winny
Jamie Winny
Team Information
Team-Name:Enough Monkeys
City:Hanover, NH
Last Modified:September 19, 2005
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Results & Schedule
Mixed Easterns
June 3Tandem6-15
June 37Express15-12
June 3Andover Alumni15-9
June 3Mauvaises Herbes Ultimate Club11-15
June 4Banzai13-11
June 4RIP11-12
June 4Andover Alumni15-9
RRI: 2114
Ho Lay Cow
August 12Slow White9-12
August 12FNG10-9
August 12Chinstrap7-13
August 12cLoG7-10
August 13Kung Fu Grip7-13
August 13Das Boot W
August 13Army of Skanks11-10
August 13FNG7-6
RRI: 2179
August 26Bashing Pinatas5-13
August 26Harpoon12-13
August 26Vitamin I12-10
August 26Flux12-13
August 27Swingers10-15
August 27GrassBurner15-4
August 27B Pool15-11
August 27Swingers15-14
RRI: 2162
West New England Mixed Sectionals
September 9Camelot5-11
September 9Dis'Chords7-15
September 9New England15-3
September 9B.U.R.N.12-15
September 10Ultimate JusticeW-F
September 10Red Scare13-4
September 10New England15-3
September 10B.U.R.N.15-10
RRI: 2088
Northeast Mixed Regionals
October 7Bashing Pinatas9-11
October 7Chinstrap9-15
October 7Farmington Beavers12-15
October 7FNGW-F
RRI: 2169
October 28UU10-8
October 28Burners10-2
October 28Prankster babies13-4
October 28Tastes Like Chicken13-2
October 28Aunt Flow All-Stars10-8
Frozen Disc of Death
November 11M.U.T.12-15
November 11RIUT13-5
November 11Dartmouth Disney13-3
November 11Dartmouth Warner Bros.15-2
November 12Dartmouth Cartoon Network12-5
November 12M.U.T.12-15
November 12Sexually Compatible---
RRI: 2206
GET HO HO HO! - Saturday divisions
December 2SMERFS2-11
December 2Stew10-12
December 2Harvard Suckwagon11-3
December 2Fun Sack11-8
December 2Clam Diggaz8-5
RRI: 2242

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