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Club Women's: Brute Squad

Brute Squad

Brute Squad
Team Information
Team-Name:Brute Squad
City:Boston, MA
Last Modified:June 24, 2004
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Results & Schedule
April 29Wicked4-9
April 30Wicked12-10
June 24Ambush15-6
June 25Wicked13-9
Winston Cup Challenge
August 5Ozone14-12
August 5Layuma15-4
August 5Oddjob (Sweet T)15-7
August 5PI15-2
August 6Backhoe14-15
August 6Bnogo15-10
August 6Ambush15-5
RRI: 2964
Labor Day Ultimate Frisbee Championships
September 2Riot4-15
September 2Prime12-13
September 2Homebrood15-9
September 2Skyline11-8
September 3Rare Air15-13
September 3Schwa---
RRI: 2971
East New England Women's Sectionals
September 16Brandeis11-0
September 16Tufts11-0
September 16Boston University11-4
September 16Wellesley11-1
September 16Casco Baybes11-0
September 17Rogue15-0
September 17Lady Godiva15-10
RRI: 2922
Northeast Women's Regionals
October 7UMass15-0
October 7Northeastern15-0
October 7Chick Flick15-1
October 7Capitals12-14
October 8Rivet15-4
October 8Lady Godiva15-10
October 8Capitals12-9
RRI: 2919
2006 UPA Club Championships
October 26MOJO15-10
October 26Showdown15-11
October 26Ozone15-11
October 26Rare Air5-15
October 27Riot5-14
October 28Backhoe16-14
October 28Riot2-15
RRI: 2905

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