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Club Mixed:

Club Mixed: Mischief


Team Information
City:SF Bay Area, CA
Contact:Chris Doyle (2x)
Comments:Competitive and fun fourth year team with a healty mix of returning vets and new faces with mad boat racing skills.
Last Modified:April 25, 2006
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Results & Schedule
March 19Blammo9-8
March 19BTP Ultimate14-4
March 19Feral Cows15-6
March 19Wagon6-7
March 19Ape Index5-14
March 19FreeFlow15-2
March 19Night Train11-9
April 8Feral Cows13-5
April 8Natty Lite13-0
April 8G&T13-6
April 8Sac Be Nimble13-2
April 9Brass Monkey9-13
April 9Tijuana Temptation15-12
April 9Super Fun15-4
Cal States
June 3CTR15-3
June 3Hot N Da Sac15-6
June 3Red Fish Blue Fish11-9
June 4Big Tent15-6
June 4Gendors13-14
RRI: 2519
July 22UPS15-12
July 22Return to Sender15-6
July 22Old and in the Box15-8
July 22Liver Punch Revival12-14
July 23P.A.E.11-14
July 23Boomslang13-9
Ana Hammond Memorial Revolution Tourney
July 29Blammo13-5
July 29Wagon9-6
July 29CTR13-8
July 29Family Style13-11
July 30Night Train13-2
July 30Brass Monkey9-7
July 30Frizbee Nation13-3
July 30Bluegrass12-7
RRI: 2505
August 12CTR13-5
August 12Shotgun (Rainbow)12-10
August 12Cannonball13-8
August 12Wagon13-6
August 13Horse$how13-8
August 13Brass Monkey13-10
August 13Pleasuretown13-9
Labor Day Division I
September 2Drive Thru Liquor15-9
September 2Night Train15-8
September 2Family Style14-8
September 2Horse$how15-9
September 3Wagon15-5
September 3Brass Monkey13-12
September 3Gendors8-12
RRI: 2575
Northern California Mixed Sectionals
September 23CTR13-8
September 23King Kong13-12
September 23Frizbee Nation13-5
September 23Blammo13-7
September 23Wagon11-7
September 24Brass Monkey14-12
RRI: 2441
Northwest Mixed Regionals
October 7Pocket Rockets15-10
October 7Night Train15-9
October 7Shotgun (Rainbow)15-8
October 7Flycoons15-10
October 8Brass Monkey12-15
October 8Horse$how15-11
RRI: 2561
2006 UPA Club Championships
October 26Puppet Regime13-9
October 26íThe Salsa Police!15-12
October 26AMP16-15
October 27Slow White15-13
October 27Gendors15-12
October 28Tandem15-13
October 28Gendors15-13
October 29Slow White15-11
RRI: 2597

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