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Club Mixed:

Club Mixed: Brass Monkey

Brass Monkey

Brass Monkey
00Sara Fox5'6
1Chuck Kindred6'3
5Maria Stokes5'8
7Ken Leiserson6'0
8Henrik Meng6'0
9Anna Hamren6'7
10Matt Albinson5'11
11Heather Brown5'9
12Nate Miller6'0
16Kerry Soo Von Esch5'4
18Dave Brokaw5'10
20Brian Bogle6'1
21Bea Leung5'7
22Matty Sung5'10
23Wendy Chan5'7
24Jesse Woodward6'1
25Jen Mader5'8
26Linda Shively5'5
27Chris Coco6'0
28Hannah Griego5'6
29Jason Draut6'3
31Geoff Dolan6'0
33Lauren Casey5'8
61Will Lavery6'3
64Patrick Hard6'1
97Justin Gallagher6'0
99Joshua Greenough6'1
Team Information
Team-Name:Brass Monkey
City:Bay Area, CA
Contact:nmiller [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Last Modified:October 16, 2006
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Results & Schedule
April 9Mischief13-9
Cal States
June 3Big Tent13-6
June 3Feral Cows15-2
June 3Family Style12-4
June 3Red Fish Blue Fish15-11
June 4Wagon15-9
June 4Gendors14-9
RRI: 2566
Ana Hammond Memorial Revolution Tourney
July 29Wolfpack (Featuring BPID & The B13-7
July 29Hammerjacks10-9
July 29Red Fish Blue Fish13-6
July 29Big Tent13-3
July 30Night Train12-10
July 30Mischief7-9
July 30Wagon13-5
July 30Feral Cows13-1
RRI: 2497
Kleinman Eruption (Elite Mixed)
August 5PieMo15-2
August 5Irish Wristwatch13-10
August 5Flycoons13-12
August 5The Coltrane15-7
August 6Pocket Rockets15-3
August 6Schadenfreude15-8
August 6Horse$how12-14
RRI: 2536
August 12CTR8-6
August 12Horse$how12-9
August 12Cannonball13-10
August 12Bluegrass W
August 13Mischief10-13
August 13Shotgun (Rainbow)11-8
August 13Night Train11-10
Labor Day Division I
September 2Bad Larry11-8
September 2Red Fish Blue Fish13-8
September 2Wagon13-8
September 2Gendors9-10
September 3Horse$how14-10
September 3Mischief12-13
RRI: 2519
Northern California Mixed Sectionals
September 23That's What SHE Said12-7
September 23Defense is a Fad13-1
September 23Feral Cows13-3
September 23Hot N Da Sac13-5
September 23Family Style13-11
September 24Mischief12-14
September 24Wagon15-2
RRI: 2553
Northwest Mixed Regionals
October 7Plan B15-7
October 7Big15-9
October 7CTR15-3
October 7Horse$how15-9
October 8Mischief15-12
RRI: 2634
2006 UPA Club Championships
October 26Flaming Moe15-7
October 26Deliverance15-8
October 26Mr. Briefcase15-9
October 27Horse$how15-11
October 27Tandem15-11
October 28AMP15-9
October 28Slow White12-15
RRI: 2634

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