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Club Mixed:

Club Mixed: Rival


1Emmie Williams
2John Reinhold
3Michael Wood
4Lauren Stewart
5Malcolm Clark
6Adrienne Tecza
7Lee Lynch
8Lisa Kotora
9Michael Fox
10Amy Smith
11Mara Lindsley-Smith
12Dorsey Norwood
13Jenn Joyner
14Teddy Schaffer
15Jon Cobb
16Charlie Yood
17Katherine Russett
18Mati Chessin
19Ned Coker
20Jeremy Goecks
22Andy Nix
23Gerald Chen
24Holly Sommers
25Chris Sears
29Andy Smith
31Parag Gajarawala
33Kathleen Quinlen
42Amy Salley
44Samantha Stovall
55Kayitesi Wilt
77Ricky McClellen
Team Information
City:Atlanta, GA
Last Modified:September 20, 2006
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Results & Schedule
August 19Deliverance11-5
August 19Hungry Hungry Humans11-9
August 20Hungry Hungry Humans13-6
Shawn Adams Memorial (SAMSGUT)
September 2Swingblade13-7
September 2Sand Cobras12-11
September 2IP13-11
September 2Cruella de Ville13-6
September 3Sequence13-5
September 3Sailors O St Pete13-5
September 3IP15-11
RRI: 2283
East Coast Mixed Sectionals
September 16Deliverance13-7
September 16Sequence11-1
September 16Oafer13-2
September 16IP10-12
September 17Guyl13-3
September 17Oafer13-2
September 17Deliverance13-9
RRI: 2454
South Mixed Regionals
September 30Strip Club11-8
September 30IP11-6
September 30Hyzer Soze11-5
September 30Axis of Evil W
September 30Death Throw11-8
October 1Chewbacca Defense13-10
October 1Deliverance15-4
RRI: 2464
2006 UPA Club Championships
October 26Gendors13-15
October 26Slow White9-15
October 26Flycoons12-15
October 27Puppet Regime8-15
October 27íThe Salsa Police!11-15
October 28Hooray12-11
October 28íThe Salsa Police!8-12
RRI: 2371

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