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Club Open: Sub Zero

Sub Zero

Sub Zero
Team Information
Team-Name:Sub Zero
City:Twin Cities, MN
Last Modified:September 21, 2006
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Results & Schedule
Boston Invitational
June 24GOAT13-12
June 24Metal10-14
June 24Pike15-11
June 25Potomac15-14
June 25Death or Glory11-15
RRI: 2579
2006 Minnesota Ultimate Disc Invitational - MUDI
July 15Wisconsin Hops13-8
July 15Blerge11-1
July 15TBA11-2
July 16Machine13-9
July 16Liquid Assets13-4
RRI: 2697
Colorado Cup - Men's Elite Division
August 5Revolver10-11
August 5Johnny Bravo8-15
August 5Madison14-12
August 5Sack Lunch15-10
August 6Rhino9-15
August 6Doublewide15-14
August 6Voodoo15-6
RRI: 2636
Cooler Classic 18
August 19Hodag Alumni13-4
August 19Liquid Assets13-1
August 19Madison11-7
August 20Haymaker13-4
August 20Sack Lunch13-11
August 20Machine15-11
RRI: 2743
Labor Day Ultimate Frisbee Championships
September 2Hippo15-9
September 2Rhino13-8
September 2Chain Lightning10-9
September 2Furious George10-14
September 3Johnny Bravo11-15
September 3Sockeye9-12
RRI: 2734
CHC - Open Division
September 9Madcow12-7
September 9Bulge11-8
September 9Madison13-5
September 9Machine8-9
September 9Pike12-7
September 10PBR Streetgang11-5
September 10Death or Glory12-14
RRI: 2703
Northwest Plains Open Sectionals
September 23Purple Reign11-0
September 23General Strike11-7
September 23Wisconsin Hops11-2
September 23DingWop11-6
September 23GOP11-2
September 24TBA11-1
September 24Surly13-3
September 24Madison13-5
RRI: 2739
Central Open Regionals
October 7Beast W
October 7Haymaker15-11
October 7Madison15-9
October 8BAT15-11
RRI: 2656
2006 UPA Club Championships
October 26Truck Stop15-8
October 26Chain Lightning12-15
October 26Sockeye9-15
October 27BAT15-6
October 27Metal13-15
October 28Machine15-5
October 28Metal10-11
RRI: 2707

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