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Club Open: Condors


Team Information
City:Santa Barbara, CA
Last Modified:September 21, 2005
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Results & Schedule
Live Logic Texas Shootout 2006
May 13Johnny Bravo12-10
May 13Ring of Fire6-13
May 13Doublewide9-13
May 13Bulge13-11
May 13BAT7-13
May 14Texas12-9
May 14Flarp!13-7
RRI: 2516
Cal States
June 3Get It Back! W
June 3Journeymen15-7
June 3Sockeye Y11-15
June 3Contra W
June 4Monster W
RRI: 2582
Emerald City Classic
August 19Metal15-13
August 19Death or Glory16-14
August 19Johnny Bravo15-12
August 20Furious George L
August 20Rhino16-17
August 20Ring of Fire15-17
RRI: 2712
Labor Day Ultimate Frisbee Championships
September 2Justice League11-15
September 2PBR Streetgang15-10
September 2Sockeye14-13
September 2Voodoo W
September 3Revolver12-14
September 3Chain Lightning12-11
RRI: 2701
Southern California Open Sectionals
September 23UCLA Smaug13-1
September 23Flat (tax) Ballers13-4
September 23Neverland Slumberparty13-2
September 23Faded13-3
September 24Wepwawet13-7
September 24PBR Streetgang15-9
September 24Monster15-5
RRI: 2680
Southwest Open Regionals
October 7Arson W
October 7Updog W
October 7Mamabird A W
October 7Monster W
October 8Sack Lunch W
October 8Johnny Bravo9-15
October 8Monster W
RRI: 2588
2006 UPA Club Championships
October 26Furious George7-15
October 26Rhino12-15
October 26Monster15-12
October 27Vicious Cycle15-9
October 27Machine12-15
October 28Metal10-14
October 28Machine11-6
RRI: 2607

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